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Dorothy, not Toto. Parker, not Lady Penelope

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The Viking Portable Library: Dorothy Parker

Dorothy ParkerThis weekend involved a new haircut, classic 1920’s bob and a lot of serious, if creative, woodstaining. My log store should now last at least a decade before crumbling. Some of the nearby blooms also got their share of preservative, the pathway is developing early signs of Pollockism

As reward for achieving this chore, with aching arms I tackled the internet to dig up a wee treat – Dorothy Parker – her portable library.  This Viking edition is from 1944, the original publication year. Its one of only 3 books in the ‘portable’ series that has been continuously in print, the other two are the Bible and William Shakespeare

The font is charmingly well spoken

The paper smells of ages

Immersed in Ms Parker

A good place

Dorothy, not Toto. Parker, not Lady Penelope
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