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365 things to do in a Bath part 1

Wednesday, May 18th, 2011 | tags: ,  |

a diffuse back glow on my feet in the bathInspired by Ms Scarlet’s facebook advertisement. Here are the first 36 things that you can try, some in combination, others take the whole bath to complete:







  1. make up a story
  2. grow tomatoe plants
  3. Launder a duvet
  4. Defrost a large Turkey
  5. Store the contents of the Freezer during a power cut
  6. blow bubbles
  7. re-enact the sinking of the Spanish Armada using rubber duckies
  8. squeeze some zits
  9. sculpt freshly fallen hot candle-wax
  10. improvise a scene from jaws
  11. teach the rubber ducky how to dive
  12. epilate at liesure
  13. wash your hair
  14. sculpt a soap bar
  15. trim the split ends of any long hairs
  16. launder a bucketful of socks
  17. henna your hair
  18. sort out your fingers with a warm steamy manicure
  19. sort out your feet with a soft soggy pedicure
  20. read Graham Swift’s Waterlands
  21. sleep – ideally with some comfy cushoins and blankets
  22. pretend you’re in a sleep chamber – close your eyes and float
  23. sing harmonies with the cat
  24. send a text message
  25. make a phone call
  26. build bubble mountains
  27. engage in reflective thought
  28. practice reflexology
  29. count moles
  30. plan a vacation
  31. check for absense of cancerous lumps
  32. drink a frothy coffee
  33. meditate
  34. sink a pumice stone
  35. exfoliate
  36. remove a facepack
365 things to do in a Bath part 1
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Re-Englification #1: replace restrooms

Friday, March 9th, 2007 | tags: , ,  |

replace the US euphemism restrooms with  a word the English  bastardized from the lyrical  toilette.   Knowledge of this word and its proper use in England is essential if you are caught short after a couple of excellent sized real Ales,   as indeed I may well have been when I took this photograph:

Re-Englification #1: replace restrooms
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