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cheese and ham sandwich

Wednesday, September 7th, 2011 | tags: , ,  |

dreamy cheese is backNEWS!

From our eyewitness reporter, on the spot of a persian carpet in the wendy house

We can reveal that there was no – NO – bread participating in this sandwich event

Two large slabs of creamy Havarti were caught sandwiching a chaotic roll of honey roast ham

“Yummy” and munching ensued

Be careful out there, cheese sandwiching can be contageous

 PS 59 word post before the PS
cheese and ham sandwich
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devour and dodge

Friday, June 3rd, 2011 | tags: , , , ,  |

Last night I succumbed to a hedonistic Roquefort cheese devouring session, accompanied by a cheeky little Fitou ….mmmMMMmmmm…….

This helped produce a lovely dream, a relaxed family outing.

The dream turned lucid when I realised that my parents had driven my car without permission, into several walls, dodgem bumper car style. They blamed the car for poor usability.

Lucidity enabled me to fix the car promptly.

My parents are still the same.

devour and dodge
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cheese with friends

Saturday, March 12th, 2011 | tags: , , ,  |

Carr-Taylor VineyardAround 400 vineyards produce wine in England

Driving the back roads from Dungeness to Reading I stumbled across the Carr-Taylor vinyard and spent a good morning in the sunshine with the staff and chipper terriers. We wandered around the Vinyard, sat and tasted wines at long tables in the wineshop, talked about the history and workings of their business. They made me feel like a special guest more than a tourist and shopper. They mainly sell wine through local stores because they can’t produce sufficient quantities to supply supermarket chains.

English vineyards produce high quality white wines, meads and champagnes.

English WineIt was good fun choosing different wines to bring home as gifts for different people,  Prune wine for my brother’s birthday, Elderberry wine for mother’s day, Ginger wine for cheese with friends…

This spirng I’ll be visiting the vineyard near Reading town, it has a beautiful chataeu – Stanlake Park

cheese with friends
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cooperative cheese

Tuesday, August 4th, 2009 | tags: ,  |

Cooperative (Roquefort) CheeseI like my cheese cooperative

None of the rebellious ‘jump off the plate, run up your nose and tweak the little nasal hairs’  cheeses for me.   No.

My cheese lies submissively on the toast.   Raw and ready.   It slips down my throat and pimps up my dreams.

I’m feeling lucky tonight….     ….oh yes…

cooperative cheese
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the cooking conversation. again.

Friday, July 31st, 2009 | tags: , , ,  |

Popular conversational topics #5: cooking competencies

Tomatoeswhat do you cook? unless you include toast and porridge I dont really cook.   You don’t cook?   Do you eat out all the time? the question is asked with the intonation of shock,   disapproval or possibly repulsion.   I eat out once or twice a week,  having a quality meal produced for me is one of my  favourite luxuries.

If you don’t cook and you don’t eat out,   what do you eat, microwave meals? My questioner is still intoning in a disapproving manner.   For a few moments I wished that I had aspirations to conform to the social norm of interest or pride in the preparing and cooking of food.   Those moments pass quickly.    My lack of indugence in use of the  microwave,   only for porridge,   allows my  interregator to release a wrinkly or two from her brow.   I mostly eat cheese, tomatoes, cheese cucumber, cheese,  coleslaw,  cheese, necturines, cheese,  toast, cheese, marmite, cheese, twiglets, cheese, triffle,  cheesecake, peanut butter, date and walnut or battenburg cake.   All raw,   no cooking involved.     You like cheese then? My interregator appears to be reasonably satisfied with this reply.   But still their hangs a a niggling doubt over my ability to be a fully functioning member of society if I don’t cook.

can you cook? It had never occured to me that people don’t cook because they can’t.   At high school all girls were required to take cookery classes, under the title of ‘home economics’ classes.   They taught me to do things I’d been doing at home for years.   I used to cook, a lot.   As a student I rarely ate out and hand’t yet lost my verve for food preparation.    In my 30’s I used to host about one dinner party per month and the food seemed well appreciated,   in my 40’s I hosted fewer parties with more guests and they seemed well appreciated.   I can cook.   I only really enjoy it when I’m cooking for others and not doing it in a rush.   My interregator appears convinced that I can cook.

All my lasting lovers have been excellent cooks,   deriving pleasure from whipping up food to whet my palatte and I certainly enjoyed them doing so.

the cooking conversation. again.
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brief encounter

Saturday, November 15th, 2008 | tags: ,  |

Joe AllensOn Friday in Joe Allen’s*     Exeter St. restaurant Mrs. Pouncer partook of some Chardonnay,   Scarlet Blue imbibed some Mules and I took a small Boddingtons or four.

I can unreservedly, with miss spellings and split infinitives, confirm that Mrs. Pouncer is in person everybit the stylish counsellor that her entertaining blog suggests.   During our brief encounter I discovered the true extent of my lack of knowledge of advance eyewear handling techniques.   Mrs. Pouncer arrived at Joe Allens equipped with both fabulous stories and the four sets of eyewear necessary to fulfill all advanced eyewear handling techniques.   Needless to say I learned a thing or three.

I can also confirm that Ms Scarlet Blue’s hair was of a certain colour and that meeting her has brought new dimensions to my understanding of the word ‘cute’.

* no relation of Mrs. Pouncer’s acquaintance  Keith Allen,  father of Lily Allen.

brief encounter
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comfort cheese

Friday, September 21st, 2007 | tags: ,  |

All cheese is theoretically comfort cheese.   But.   Cheese in YOUR fridge is less comforting than cheese in MY fridge.   Comfort cheese is nearby,   normally in my mouth… …..mmmmmm….      

comfort cheese
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Chimay = dream suppressant

Sunday, September 16th, 2007 | tags: , ,  |

Eighth report in my ongoing investigations of  cheese dream-inducing  properties.    

Conclusion   very tasty  dream suppressant.

Eating phase for Chimay:    1/6    nights produced dreams.          

Riding around on buses* in Birmingham, UK,   wandering through crowded flea  markets watching the shoppers,   down alleyways bordered by red-brick Victorian terraced houses in Birmingham.   I got lost and didn’t know which bus to get on to go home.   So many buses to choose from.   Dreaming about buses,   England and Victorian red-brick terraces adds up to I had a fabulous dream.

Decontamination Phase.   3/3 nights without eating Chimay.   No dreams.

You too can play along at home:   How to play dreamy cheese

* I  like  riding on  buses

Chimay = dream suppressant
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Stilton = sleep disrupting diverse dreams

Sunday, September 9th, 2007 | tags: ,  |

Seventh report in my ongoing investigations of  cheese dream-inducing  properties.

Conclusion   Mum was right for Stilton.   I recommend not  eating Stilton for supper.   Nightly sleep disruption  was  unusual and unpleasant. The dream content was not substantially different from my normal dream content.  The  dreams didn’t warrant the ‘unusual’ label given to  the female dreamers  in a study conducted by the UK    Cheeseboard   where: 85% of females who ate Stilton had some of the most unusual dreams of the whole study.

Eating phase for Stilton:   6/6 nights produced dreams.   Four dream summaries from different nights:

Memory enhancement  No storyline. No plot.  Less  like a dream, more of a vivid lucidly manipulated visualisation.   I remembered my uncle who died 20 years ago talking and laughing in his home.    It was good to see him again and remember the sound of his voice and laughter,   to see the way his whole body shook when he laughed,   to hear him jangling his keys in his pocket just like his brother, my father still does.   I saw him more clearly than I can remember him in waking hours.

Forgotten. All  I remember is waking up briefly in the night thinking ‘that was a sad dream,   I must remember it’ then falling asleep again.   When I woke in the morning I couldn’t remember the dream,    just the mood.

Celebrity Kitchen.   During most of this dream I was in  the kitchen of a  large Victorian terrace  house during with David Bowie creatively exploring the versatility of vegetables and kitchen utenisils.  Yummy.   I think it was a party but I didn’t see the other partiers in the house.

Work.   This is a common theme in my dreams during normal working weeks.   This specific variation combined and extended things that happened during the working week.

Decontamination Phase.   2/2 nights without eating Stilton in the evening produced  refreshingly deep sleep where I did not wake during the night or recall any dreams.

Summary.    Characteristics of Stilton induced Wendy-dreams:

  • reliably produced every night.
  • dream mood varied from sad through reflective, serious, to happy.
  • Content varied from  parties and work to  detailed visual experiences.
  • remembering the dreams varied from easily recalled  detail through to difficult to recall whether I had even dreamed.
  • sleep disruptive,   I woke  every night,   then fell asleep again fairly promptly.

You too can play dreamy cheese:   How to play dreamy cheese

Stilton = sleep disrupting diverse dreams
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Havarti = dream of fun with friends

Sunday, September 2nd, 2007 | tags: ,  |

Sixth report in a popular sporadic investigation collecting  cheese dream-inducing  properties.    

Eating phase for Havarti:   5/6  nights produced dreams.   Dream memories lasted beyond breakfast.    Dreams were based in rare though normal life activities.  

Three outline examples:

Moving office with  appearances from colleagues across my 20yrs as a working gal.   The building that we moved into  used fireman’s polls as a way to get downstairs.    Reminiscent of ‘snakes and ladders’.   Quite a lot of fun was had by all as we unpacked our boxes,   drank lashings of tea, tried the firemans polls and had water-fights.    

Visiting the beach with Flat Eric and a climbing club that included everyone I’ve ever climbed with and some people that I know climb but haven’t climbed with.   Flat Eric did some amazing technical moves on some overhangs then we all went wind-surfing and small dhingy sailing in a Costa-Rica type location.    

Faerie Tour of UK pubs.   In a storyline that could have been produced by a collaboration between  Harold Pinter and Alan Bennett my friends  and I spent a summer touring real-ale pubs,   Inns,  staying in them and regularly dressing-up as faeries is the evenings.   Some larger fellows look a tad silly when wearing faeries outfits.   My  outfit was black and actually maps to many clothes that I have in my closet,   though I don’t have a black tiara and wings.     The dream mainly covered our escapades on tour.   Excellent fun.

Conclusion?   Very nice result.   I’m not publishing a decontamination phase because I plan to stay with Havarti for at least a couple more weeks .

Summary.   Havarti induced Wendy-dreams are:

  • very cheerful
  • consistently produced.
  • exaggerations of pleasant plausible realities.
  • persisted into  early waking hours  memories.
  • social events full of actual friends, family and work colleagues from throughout my life.
  • excluding  wierd morphing of people and things into wierd unfamiliar people and things.

You too can play dreamy cheese:   How to play dreamy cheese

Havarti = dream of fun with friends
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dreamy cheeses uncovered

Saturday, September 1st, 2007 | tags: , ,  |

While I was still under 5″6′ Mumzie would regularly remind me

don’t eat cheese before you go to bed.   It will give you a bad nights sleep and nightmares”      

An informal survey of  US people  revealed that naught-out-of-three  had been given similar advice by their Moms.   Are US Moms unfamiliar with the dreamy properties of cheese or  is dreamy cheese a myth?   This post summarises  my undercover research studies aimed at revealing the Wendy-dream-inducing characteristics of my favourite nibbles by eating them  after 7pm for 7 nights in  a week.   Here’s the dirt so far:  

Everytime I get the inclination to take another cheese under the covers I will update this  blog post.   You too can send me the outcomes of your undercover investigations  and I’ll publish them here  if you play by the official rules detailed in    ‘How to play dreamy cheese‘  and show due deference to UK cheeseboard research.

dreamy cheeses uncovered
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Mind altering drugs. Purchased over the counter!

Tuesday, May 15th, 2007 | tags:  |

The list below  identifies  substances that can be purchased legally  in many shops, without permit or prescription.   These substances change mind-body.    The change  is normally very pleasurable.   The occassional bad trip is barely noticable and not blog-worthy.  

Mind altering drugs:  

  • Cheese
  • Chocolate
  • Crunchy Peanut butter
  • Curry
  • Fish
  • Mustard (the type that carnivores might spread on beef)
  • Tea (black-leaf, milky, warm and well made)
Mind altering drugs. Purchased over the counter!
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Breakfast conversation

Saturday, January 21st, 2006 | tags: , ,  |

Him: ‘Do you like to work out?’  

Eating 2 huge waffles drowning in cream.   Just the thought of sugar for breakfast makes my stomach turn.   Give my curry on toast anyday!

Me: ‘Heck no! Working my body for fitness’ sake,   Yuck!’

eating cheese & ham omelette because curry on toast wasn’t on the menu (neither were Heinz baked beans).   Sigh.

Him: ‘Then how do you stay so slim?’<

Ah,   so for this USian,  Slim = must ‘Work-out’.  

Must avoid provocative prejudicial comments about afluent greedy Americans being obese because the culture encourages ‘gorging’ themselves on unnecessary food.   Food is cheap here.    It’s a stereotype  that is  difficult to shake-free even when living in the US.   How can I explain this tactfully?
Me: ‘I only eat when I’m hungry

Europe has a ‘growing’ problem of obesity.   As usual,   Europe is ‘behind’ America in this trend,   but catching up quicky.   A side effect of wealth and capitalistic lifestyles?   I’ve been in the US for 6 years.  I’m approximately the same size as when I arrived.  

W   suprisingly-slim-by-US-standards

Breakfast conversation
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Salemville Amish Blue, Gouda & Meowmix

Sunday, January 15th, 2006 | tags: , , ,  |

This week I’m eating Salemville Amish Blue cheese from Wisconsin.   It is moist, flavourful, crumbly  and tongue-slitheringly creamy….

 Eyan reports that Microsoft Word losing 2 hours of his intellectual effort  and a Gouda supper prefaced this rocky dream:

I was with my mother on the coast somewhere – the coasts were rather open and vast, somewhat influenced by photos I saw on I climbed down a rocky ravine to get down to the beach (this is more influenced by the upper Algarve) My mother was urging me on. But, true to style, I got stuck and was in grave danger of falling off and breaking a good few bones.

After an evening scoffing meowmix; Matrix leapt out of a seamingly deep coma with this dramtically delivered dream report:


Salemville Amish Blue, Gouda & Meowmix
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Danish Blue Cheese = Blue Dreams

Friday, January 6th, 2006 | tags: ,  |

Fifth report in my ongoing cheese investigations.  

Eating phase (Danish Blue cheese supper):

6/6  nights produced dreams.   Unfortunately dream content was forgotten promptly.    Dream impressions were mostly reminiscent of those  I have during a ‘fever’:   intense, bizarre, rejuvenating with some pleasingly adult content.

Decontamination phase (no Danish Blue supper):


I’m planning to continue investigating Danish Blue across the weekend to check if sleeping-in will improve my memory for the content.  

Shifting directly to another Blue cheese when my current Danish Blue supply runs out.


Danish Blue consistently produced dreams.

Dreams were intense, bizarre and blue.    ..mmmMMmmm….

Dreams rarely persisted to morning memories.


Danish Blue Cheese = Blue Dreams
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Danish Blue Pet DJ

Wednesday, January 4th, 2006 | tags: , , ,  |


  • Investigating eating Danish Blue cheese, while
  • Reading about the WhitePrince’s Kitty’s orange-reddy TV watching habits, and
  • Listening to his 2005 club mix,  after having  
  • Removed Kitty fur from keyboard spacebar

Laptop as food-tray, music system, communications device and kitty-fur magnets    …so versataile…

If life is surreal what’s the (space)bar for normality?

Danish Blue Pet DJ
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Gouda with Cumin seed dream

Tuesday, December 20th, 2005 | tags: , , ,  |

A  special guest entry written, edited  and coloured by language specialist Eyan (aka WhitePrince):

Now time to tell you my Gouda with Cumin seed dream before I go to bed:

It starts off with a Japanese boy being interviewed in a tv programme about a plane crash he was involved in. For the sake of clarity I think the Japanese boy is the author’s alter ego. He couldn’t be much further removed from the author’s ethnic profile, but there you go. As the interview progressed, images from the plane crash were shown, which, of course, then became a reality, or a dream reality let’s say. The Japanese boy was pinned to the back of his seat terrified as the plane was losing height very quickly. He was aware he was about to die. At this point the author chose to terminate the performance as he knows plane crashes are rather distasteful. He woke up breathless, but this was probably more due to dust mite allergy than anything   else.

From a scientific point of view – to what extent did the cheese have an effect on the subjects dreams ?

Things to be taken into consideration –

a – The subject is a regular air traveller. He has experienced some very intricate flying manoeuvres, especially in Iberia planes over the sea whilst coming in to land at Barcelona airport. Some pilots should understand that planes do not make u-turns like  a stolen car would do when driven by tearaway  teenagers.

b – He is a fan of Johan Grimonprez’s “Dial H-I-S-T-O-R-Y, a art video film mainly about hijackings. He has seen it again twice recently at the Caixa Forum art centre In the film there are interviews with hijack hostages. There are also Japanese in the film, both hostages and Red Army hijackers. For American sensibilities this is probably not a recommended film.

c- He suffers from allergies and asthma, so any dreams involving frightening, breath-taking  situations may be attributable  to this.

Hope you enjoyed the show. Thank you and goodnight.

Eyan wisely outlines a clear impact of waking life events and interests in dreams.   Waking life events have lead to my own investigations this week going awry heavily due to more

  • fish-eating
  • cheescake eating
  • varied cheese  intake.   (Roquefort bread, Brie, Cream cheese, Edam BabyBel).   Yummy!
  • Abnormal alocohol consumption (mulled wine,   mud slides etc)


Wendy free-form-dream-diary-till-January

Gouda with Cumin seed dream
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Edam = dream suppressant

Sunday, December 18th, 2005 | tags: ,  |

Fourth report in my ongoing cheese investigations.  

Eating pase (Edam cheese supper):

5/5 nights produced no awareness of dreams.  

Half way through the week I skipped the supper  and that night had an Outstanding,   unpublishable, dream.

Decontamination phase (no Edam supper):

1 Vivid,   long, extremely enjoyable dream about  living in  a Victorian red-brick townhouse with many colourful guests and secret passage-ways under carpets &  behind furniture.   Wonderful textures and details.

I ate seafood on the two nights that I didn’t eat Edam  and did dream.   I don’t normally eat seafood.


Edam is a dream supressant.

Seafood may be a dream stimulant.

This week I’ll be eating mostly mini Babybel.

Edam = dream suppressant
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brilliant thangs…

Saturday, December 17th, 2005 | tags: , , , , , , , ,  |

20 brilliant things.   A self-referential indulgence    

Any one of these things can make my day sparkle:

  1. Bakelite
  2. Boyfriends
  3. Bunnies
  4. Cheese
  5. David Byrne
  6. Dreams
  7. Glasses (optical accessories)
  8. Gravity operated catfood dispensers
  9. Hats
  10. Lists
  11. Mums
  12. Other people’s clothes
  13. Paper
  14. Poetry
  15. Pressies
  16. Pretty dresses
  17. Real Ale (NOT US Microbrews)
  18. Wendy’s Frendys
  19. Wendy’s Wardrobe
  20. Yellow roses

What is really brilliant is that this list could go on and on and on and on….   …there are soooooooo many brilliant thangs…     …your brilliant list of things is probably different.   May include  furry bedding or something.   What-ever,     lots of goodies for the holidays.

W wonderful-thanging

brilliant thangs…
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Cream Cheese = ‘Normal’ dreams

Saturday, December 10th, 2005 | tags: , ,  |

Third report of my cheese-dream intestigation.  

Eating phase (Cream cheese supper):

3/6 nights produced dreams.   Nothing vivid, lucid, outrageous.   Nothing  where the content is even worth reporting or ‘unpubishable-ing’.

3/6 nights.   No dreams.   Pah!

WonderWoman had a similar experience with ‘Laughing Cow’ cream cheese:

Despite slavering Laughing cow onto several begals, I have no dreams to report whatsoever. <unpublishable caveat>”

Decontamination phase (no cream cheese supper):   1 night. 1 forgettable dream.



Rather like not eating a cheese supper at all. Pah!

Recommended for the unadventuous.   I’m beginning to suspect that soft cheeses are just not dream-tastic.


This week I’ll be eating Edam.

The WhitePrince, who is experimenting with coloured emails,  reported yesterday that after eating Edam:

I dreamt we were in your kitchen, each making his or her own breakfast and talking about <unpublishable>. You filled your French-style coffee bowl with frothy hot milk and I  ate my weetabix  from a large white cutlery tray. You were displeased when I accidently put sugar on top of your frothy milk.

Cream Cheese = ‘Normal’ dreams
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Brie = consistently producing forgettable dreams

Saturday, December 3rd, 2005 | tags: ,  |

Eating phase (cheese supper):

All 6/6 nights consistently produced looooooooong, dull, dream sequences.   Dream content was forgotten quickly.   I did manage to remember scenes of ‘packing’ and work related problem solving.   Yawn.   With one disturbing exception the dreams were soooooooo dull they sent me straight back to deep sleep!   The exception on the 3rd night suddenly woke me from a dream of my death (Saber plunged into my heart).

Unlike the British cheeseboard study participants, I would not summarise the dreams as either ‘Nice’ or ‘Cryptic’.

Decontamination phase (no cheese supper):

1 night.  No awareness of any dreams.  


For me,   Brie produces dull, forgettable, dreams.  

Not recommended.

This week I’ll be eating  a cheese  with a very promising, US relevant,  name: Philadelphia, ‘brotherly love’

W cheese-o-phile

Brie = consistently producing forgettable dreams
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Playing dreamy-cheese at home

Thursday, December 1st, 2005 | tags: ,  |

WonderWoman recently wrote:  

“Not too much to report from the Babybel I’m afraid. Did dream, but nothing even mildly exciting. Thinking about trying out some Laughing Cow tonight”



If you’re feeling inspired,    send me your dreamy-cheese reports at whendeeeAThotmailDOTcom!    You can investigate any way you want,   this is what I’m doing:

  • eat a specific ‘type’ of cheese after 7pm in the evening everyday for a week (between 5 and 7 days).  
  • Photograph examples of the cheese supper before tucking-in
  • note dream memories  for each of those days:
    • no dream remembered
    • dream awareness – quickly forgotten upon waking
    • dream  plus  a content description.
  • note any unusual external life influences during this week.
  • compare dreams with pre-cheese-supper experiences for any noticeable differences.

 Brie report almost complete….coming this weekend…what cheese next?  

W   ..mmMMMm…..


Playing dreamy-cheese at home
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Nice Brie Dreams

Monday, November 28th, 2005 | tags: ,  |

According to the British Cheese Board (snigger):  

‘all female participants who ate British Brie had nice relaxing dreams’ (my emphasis)


I’m looking for action-adventure with  good and bad guys,   shape-shifters, magic,   high-speed chases and unexpected wackiness.   ‘Nice’ doesn’t really describe what I’m looking for.  


Were the girls using ‘nice’ as a euphemism for something more ‘naughty’ (unpublishable)?   That might explain why the boys eating Brie reported experiencing ‘cryptic’ dreams.   At a euphamistic level more girl-‘nice’ dreams would be an EXTREMELY good result for Brie.   Just incase,   I’ll double the planned portion for tonight.   I had a ‘long’ dream last night but I wasn’t sufficiently lucid to know if it was ‘nice’ or not….

Wendy anticipating-‘nice’-dreams

Nice Brie Dreams
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Soft Goat Cheese = Dream surppressant

Sunday, November 27th, 2005 | tags: ,  |

First report in my ongoing cheese investigations

Eating phase (supper):   Throughout the 7 nights after eating soft goat cheese I was unaware of any dreams.

Decontamination phase (no cheese supper):

  • 1st evening had a fairly short  ‘dull’ dream.
  • 2nd evening   dream involved steering a thick Persian rug down a steep tree-covered mountainside.   Hooray!   Much fun.  

Conclusion?     For me, soft goat cheese is a dream supressant.

Tonight I’m shifting to Brie.   …mmmmMMMMmmmmm….

W Loves-Cheeeeeeeeeeeese-and-dreams

Soft Goat Cheese = Dream surppressant
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This week I ‘ave mostly been eating…

Monday, November 21st, 2005 | tags: ,  |

To paraphrase Jesse a character from “The fast show”  (aka “Brilliantin US):    

‘This week I ‘ave mostly been eating…   …goats cheese’

This week I ‘ave mostly been eating…
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Leicester Dreaming ..mmMMmm.. CHEEESE

Sunday, November 20th, 2005 | tags: ,  |

The night before Snewtea moved I dreamt about the move.   In the dream I’m

Driving through the backroads of Leicestershire.   I  drive straight to  SnewTea’s new home  in Leicester city center.    His home  is  a stunning victorian townhouse near ‘The Charlotte’   concert venue. This is wonderful.   I think I’ll move to Leicester too.   I’ll be able to walk to great gigs and   find my home and car easily because I know my way around.

It was a pleasing dream.

In reality:

  • the commute from Leicester UK  to NW USA is impractical.
  • I got lost trying to find my way back from SnewTea’s actual new home.
  • I miss local Leicestershire produced, fresh,  red leicester  and Stilton.     Dreamy cheeeeese!   Excerpt,   from this research where the sponsor has a major investment  in ‘spinning’ the results:

85% of females who ate Stilton had some of the most unusual dreams of the whole study. 65% of people eating Cheddar dreamt about celebrities, over 65% of participants eating Red Leicester revisited their schooldays, all female participants who ate British Brie had nice relaxing dreams whereas male participants had cryptic dreams, two thirds of all those who ate Lancashire had a dream about work and over half of Cheshire eaters had a dreamless sleep.

As reported the research is fundamentally flawed because we don’t know what these people dreamed about when they weren’t eating the specified cheese, or what other potential dream modifiers they were experiencing (e.g. alcohol, waking-events etc)…. Doh!   Nonetheless,   it is a fun little read.   That the UK has an official body called the “Cheese Board’ caused  rampant, cat-scaring,  guffawing in the Wendy House.

I will start investigating the US-cheese-dream relationship for  one gal, unsponsored, uncontrolled, and un(counter)balanced, on high doses of tea….    

What the HECK?  


Wendy on-dreamtastic-week

Leicester Dreaming ..mmMMmm.. CHEEESE
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