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crowd averse

Sunday, May 31st, 2009 | tags: , , , ,  |

Quiet cobbled streetCanterbury has more than its fair share of  people roamng the streets on a sunny summers day.   I often shy away from areas that are clearly main attractions during their busy hours.   I’m drawn down the empty streets and alleys.    Generally empty streets are not lined with shops, museums or cathedrals.     Often they do provide other pleasant suprises.   This is one of the alleyways thay  pulled me from the busy streets of beautiful Canterbury.

empty riverside restaurantDown one such alleyway I found this fabulous rivebank restaurant,   disguised as a  stone shed, with few windows with flag-stone floors,   old beamed ceilings, a charming French waitress, an  excellent menu and no other customers.

Eric, Neverland with a picture of Matrix  and a Swedish speaking  Florence joined me for a delectable meal.

crowd averse
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2am bustle

Wednesday, May 20th, 2009 | tags: , , , ,  |

A4 going east approaching Cemetery Junction2am
Cemetery junction
Heards of black taxi’s rumbling by
Smaller, colourful, cabs weave between them
Heels clicking, skirts, hair and make-up readjusted
Bright laughter and  flourescent light waft from the rows of fast food shops
sometimes I feel wonderfully invisible in the bustling crowds as I wander the Reading streets at night

2am bustle
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Saturday, July 29th, 2006 | tags: , , ,  |

On a warm weekday evening Chris Issak played a wonderful outdoors concert at Chateau St Michelle.   The shere volume of people attending the concert marred an otherwise exceptional evening.  

My companions arrived over an hour later than anticipated merely because of traffic congestion.   The Chateau provided sufficient parking and a shuttle bus service to carry customers to and from their cars.    

I have difficulty controlling my panic in crowds.  Fear of Crowds.  FOC   an appropriate acronym.    “FOC! lots of people,   let me out of here!”

It was difficult to relax during the concert because of the powerful urge to skedaddle.   Normally I can  ignore crowds by focussing on a conversation nearby,  the main event, or some specific activity (e.g. watching a film). When this fails the Cinderalla Effect comes into play.   I leave.   Quickly.   Despite the excellent music,   good  companions and cheerful nature of the crowd I left at 9.15pm before Chris Isaak had finished his main set.  

Mid-escape a girl stopped me “I love your outfit!” she beamed,    “I love your…. (pause while Wendy finds something to compliment) …facial piercings” I choked over my shoulder  while dashing directly  to the shuttle bus service.

Fabulous hat that tooped my lovelly outfit,  with a flower on it which is bigger than my nose,  and that's BIG  

Wendy FOC’d-off

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