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apply a mechanical clock

Friday, May 18th, 2012 | tags: , , ,  |

Mechanical clocks should be available on the NHS because of their outstanding health problem diagnostic qualities. No home should be without at least one.

Grandma's ClockMechanical clocks that strike and chime have been blamed for causing some people sleep disruption. This diagnosis is actually an  “Urban Legend“. In pre-urban venacular it’s:

Pish, tush and nonsense

A chiming or striking clock is actually an early warning system for potentially dangerous health problems.  These clocks will only disrupt sleep when one or more of the following pre-conditions applies – the person presenting the  clock-disrupted sleep symptoms is:

  1. not actually tired (sedentry lifestyle)
  2. profoundly troubled by something else (Freudian displacement theory)
  3. change intolerant (lacking awareness of Habituation theory)

The clock has actually uncovered the easily treatable conditions that are presenting as sleep disruption.  Treatments are

  1. exercise until your body is tired
  2. friends –  to help find out what’s troubling you, and explore possible solutions. If this isn’t possible the NHS does provide counsellors, clinical psychologists and psychiatrists but you’ll probably have to wait until the problem blows beyond the clock-stops-sleep symptoms before you can acess these professional services
  3. patience – it takes time for people habituate to new environments, new sounds

This consultation was provided free of charge by Dr Wendy


apply a mechanical clock
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bing bong cuckoo

Thursday, May 10th, 2012 | tags: , ,  |

Time passes noisily in the wendy houseChime Strike

On the north wall a Smith’s clock from London with a 7 day mechanism shares it’s Westminster chimes every quarter hour

On the west wall a Saqui and Lawrence pendulum clock from London with a 7 day mechanism strikes every hour

On the stairway of doom a cuckoo clock from Lucerne with a 24 hour mechanism chirrups every hour

cuckoohey all have slightly different ideas about

  • when the hour should be called
  • the length of a minute

PorcelainOn the east wall a Donald Yule clock from Bath with a quartz mechanism silently moves it’s hands while a ceramic mouse watches

All the mechanic clocks tick tock, at gradually slowing rates

Around the hour, the house sings with differing overlapping strikes and chimes

I love the sound

It is the sound of home with all the clocks chattering the time away in their own idiosynchratic ways. They bring peace to my home in a way that’s probably similar to placing a child in a car to drive around until the child falls asleep

tick-tock tick-tick tock-tock tick-tock tick tick tick tock tock BING-BONG Cuckoo……etc

bing bong cuckoo
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