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first accepted offer

Wednesday, July 16th, 2014 | tags: ,  |

An open house at the Wendy house was advertised in the window of the Estate Agent and on their mailing list. It’s first showing was on Saturday, 5 potential buyers. 3 turned up. 60% turn up felt poor. Their feedback? I littered down the street and watched the visitors turn-up then leave. It took them less than 10 minutes to look around. It’s a small place, but still, I wasn’t encouraged. Summary feedback

Too expensive: Small, neat Asian couple in a large family car

I’ll show pictures to my girlfriend: tall Caucasian man, about 35, on foot in t-shirt and jeans. Booked a 2nd viewing with girlfriend on Tuesday.

Offer 25K below asking price: French couple that I didn’t see who live in rented accommodation nearby made an offer on Monday.

I said the offer didn’t offend me but I’d like to wait for a few more people to view the Wendy house (on Tuesday) before making a decision on that offer. They increased their offer to £16K below asking price and added some unacceptable time constraints. My estate agent explained why the price was acceptable but I can’t accept their time constraints. They discussed it on Tuesday night.

Wednesday – house under offer subject to contract, off the market in less than a week at a good price. Nice result. Lets hope the buyer and I stay together to completion.


first accepted offer
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Offroad parking for 2 cars

Thursday, July 10th, 2014 | tags: , , ,  |

<rant warning>

The Estate agent responsible for selling the Wendy House offered me the opportunity to give feedback on the details they’d produced, before they were published.  I suggested a few changes that raised the profile of a few desirable features.

The agent didn’t confirm receiving my feedback or making any changes. After a couple of weeks I included the following (blue text) in an email to the Agent. The Agent replied in red..

helpful estate agent reply

With a good attitude the Agent would’ve recognised my point about size and suggested a phrase to conveys the double size parking space. On one occasion I’ve had 3 small cars parked there. I’ve suggested “Offload parking for 2 cars”, that saves the lazy estate agent the trouble of measuring my drive.

I’m annoyed by the Agent’s attitude.  Based on this, and other examples of their sloppy attitude and service, I will have no qualms about changing providers at the end of our contract.

<rant probably not finished, just temporarily paused>

Offroad parking for 2 cars
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colour saturated grass

Monday, April 14th, 2014 | tags: , , ,  |

Estate Agent #1

  • This is the only other coach house on sale in the area, one more bedroom but no garden or off-road parking
  • Buyers can find out what you paid for this house, and when you bought it
  • I had to explain to my Indian client what a coach house was, he just didn’t understand
  • Someone will walk into the garden and fall in love with this place before they’ve even got through the door (Indeed, that’s what happened to me)
  • Oh! That bath…
  • We’ve never had a problem showing houses to people with cat allergies, we did have one client bitten by an owner’s dog. The dog had been locked in the garden and the client was told not to go into the garden
  • I’m from Bristol

Estate agent #2

  • This is the most desirable area in Reading
  • Double off-road parking is worth around 20K
  • We don’t get many character properties like this downtown
  • I’m from Bristol

Estate agent #3

  • I can tell you what the other agents said (he did, and he was wrong)
  • Fantastic (repeatedly, like a carbon copy of his colleague that I spoke to on the phone)
  • What a fantastic kitchen
  • Our website is new and really good, it’s got pictures of the founding partners on it
  • We’ll do a TV presentation for a character property like this one.

I didn’t get the impression that any of them offered anything that would add any real value over the property details and access to buyers that have been pre-screened for a mortgage. None of them really told me about their access to the type of people that would like to buy the Wendy house. I suggested excluding:

  • couples planning to start a family – dangerous staircase, downstairs bathroom
  • elderly people or planning for this to be a last, retirement, home – dangerous staircase, downstairs bathroom
  • people over 5″8 – low beam crossing the dangerous staircase
  • people that love to cook – tiny kitchen separated from the dining area by the hallway

Estate agent #1 was the least offensive, arrogant. She listened and related to me as a person most effectively.  Maybe I’ll have to make my own promotional materials pack – showing related documentation from my purchase, guarantees on work done, local service professionals etc

colour saturated grass
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here be dragons

Thursday, February 28th, 2008 | tags: , , , ,  |

Unsent letter to the Estate Agent,   Senior Negotiator,  responsible for selling the Wendy House I am currently  in the process of buying.

 Dear charmless, perspectiveless, stink-making, bottom-crawler,

[censored]… unnecessary phone calls    …[Censored]… calling my solicitor,  whom you recommended, pedantic for ensuring I do not take-on legal responsibility for the restrictive covenants broken by your client …[CENSORED]… zit on the bollocks of a decaying elephant corpse…[CENSORED]…

May your forever suffer from the ickiest of   itchy skin diseases and armpits smell of the purest sulpher to match the stench of the puke spewing forth from your rotten mouth,


Call me cowardly,   or passive-aggressive,   but I no longer bother answering phone-calls from the dragon.   The dragon has taught me that answering her calls is more irritating than helpful to anyone.   The last of my twice-daily answerphone messages from said bottom-crawler involved her screaming direction for me to call her because…       …apparantly…      ….my solicitor wasn’t answering her phone calls.   I wonder why?     Ignoring her calls is contagious…

Did I call the dragon following this unprofessionally delivered  demand?     No.

If she asks nicely I might just consider calling her…     …and pigs might fly ne c’est pas?

here be dragons
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The big white house

Thursday, December 27th, 2007 | tags: , , , ,  |

In the quest for a new Wendy House of my own I have been visiting a variety of Estate agents,   one at a time.   They all ask:

What’s your current  address?

 The Wendy Pent-House

Can you see the theme in the replies?

#1 Romans Estate Agent:  the big white house?

#2 Carsons Estate Agent:   the big white house?   I just sold a flat there for 240,000, very nice.

#3: Prospect Estate Agent:   the big white house?   We have a flat for sale there by Mr.  [name], would you like to view it?

Wendy to prospect agent: [family name]?

Agent:   Yes,   he’s…

Wendy: …a professional football player,    the other people living in the building told me about him* he’s currently on loan to [football team,   not based  in Reading].

Agent:   You’ve just missed him by minutes.   He came in here,   just now,   that’s quite a coincidence…

Wendy (oozing insincerity out of every orifice and some pores too): Oh dear,   what a shame.

*an unpublishable variety of unflattering names were used by to describe the fellow and descriptions of  how he engaged with them.

The big white house
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offers and counter offers

Friday, November 16th, 2007 | tags: , , , ,  |

Recently a couple looked around the Wendy House 3 times,   they bought their dad along too,   they met my neighbors and told us about their kitties.   They made an offer to buy the Wendy House.   An offer in the US is very different from an Offer in the UK,   it is not ‘subject to contract’ it is a contract.

This offer was about 30 pages,   signed per page, in a standard State format.   The buyers realtor meet with my Realtor to discuss the nuances and next steps.    This is my paraphrase of what I think happened:

Buyers realtor:   I know this offer is below market value but my buyers insisted on putting it forward

My realtor:   that’s an insult,   that could damage their relationship with my client if they seriously want to buy the Wendy House

Then,   my realtor counter-offered to them by producing a different 30 page legal document that I had to sign on every page.   The counter offer was  a little below the  asking price.   If offers are accepted there are financial consequences of backing out this constrains people making multiple simultaneous offers.   There are time-constraints on  responding to offeres.  It’s so much nicer that the UK system.   They don’t even know what  gazumping  is out here.     My counter offer was accepted and now things start rolling on a tightly controlled schedule with clear legal responsibilities at each step.

offers and counter offers
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to let

Thursday, November 8th, 2007 | tags: , , , , , ,  |


Illustrated list of some basic steps to follow when looking for somewhere to rent in Reading

1.)   Use the internet and free classified listings to find property to let in and around Reading getting a feel for prices,   collect letting agent phone numbers,   call the offices,   talk to the agents about your needs and arrange a time to visit them.

2.) wander down to  a letting agent with an impressive, alphabetically arranged collection of family  names.   For example, “Vanderpump & Wellbelove  & Wellesley – Smith & Co (Est. 1929)“.   This is just one of the dozens of letting agents I’ve visited in Reading.

3.) watch while the pink-tied-male letting agents tap-tap-click-click on their computers,   chew their pens, adjust their hairgel  and generally bicker amongst themselves about

– what the property is called.

– how many sets of keys they have.

– how long it takes to get from one property to the next, and

–  what is the best route.

Its actually a fabulously entertaining show.   A show  well worth taking a vacation to see.   Which I did.   Hooray!

4.) go to look at property.   Ensure you have a convenient shop nearby.   My US person training together with my general level of un-adult-hood  left me giggling at the name of this corner-shop.

5.) check-out the local parking possibilities,   one-way systems,  speed bumps, then see if you can find a few nieghobrs to talk to.

6.) ensure there is an excellent pub within walking distance.   To complete this step you have to go into the pub,   order a pint,   drink the pint and interview the bar staff while observing the other clientelle.

7.) take a look at the district details on:

Estate agent:   Are you sure you’re from the US?

Wendy:   lived there for the best part of  the last 8 years

Estate Agent: you don’t sound American

Wendy: I’m not

to let
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