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check your pocket contents

Saturday, May 7th, 2011 | tags: , , , ,  |

Our correspondent from Barcelona recently provided this little tid-bit:

Most modern English place names have their origins in Old English, the Anglo-Saxon language; most of the other contributions are either oddities or window dressing. Recurring elements that help us to do our own detective work include the endings “-ham” and “-ton“, ancestors of “home” and “town“; Hampton is a combination of the two and Hampstead means, more or less, “homestead“. The “-ing” generally means a place was founded by the followers of a certain chieftain: Reading is called after an otherwise forgotten man, Reada, whose name suggests that he had red hair, and Hastings after Haesta, who was probably quick-tempered.

thatched pub and post van

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Fact or Fiction 45

Friday, November 7th, 2008 | tags: , ,  |

Wendy House service will be temporarily sub-sub-standard while flagrant‘ Happy Birthday to us’*   activities are conducted in Italy accompanied by  this years soundtrack courtesy of  Eyan  …
Birthday Pressies

* us = people I know (Eyan, Jenn, Angela, Dr. Phil, Prof. Dave)  and pobably quite a few people that I don’t know…

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Happy number: 44

Wednesday, November 7th, 2007 | tags: , ,  |

Its my birthday.

It’s Eyan & Phil’s birthday.

It’s international Jennifer day

I’m 44 (and British)

The wikipedia entry for 44 points out that despite not being a prime number it is one of an elite 12% of numbers that can be described as  a ‘Happy Number’.

44 trivia:

  • Its the international dialing number for the UK and that’s where I am today,   in Reading, in the UK, and that’s where I come from and I’m a citizen not an alien.    
  • A bus, big caravan,  production company in Germany.   I like buses.
  • 44 was a leap year starting on Wednesday.   During this year Emporer Claudius returned from a campaign in,   yes you’ve guessed it, Britain!
  • Psalm 44 is powerfully emotive,   excerts of the language within the psalm:  ‘crushing people’,   ‘trampling our foes’, ‘scorn and derision’, ‘reproach and revile me’, ‘crushed us and made us a haunt for jackals’.   It is a bid to the christian God for support in torrid times.   Probably a bit more torrid than my current repatriation expereince*  but in that sort of direction on the scale that ranges from comatosed to extreme torridity.

* I did phone someone up yesterday to tell them I was frustrated,   so that is pretty torrid on the Wendy torridity scales.   I used the word frustrated 4 times,   then had a cup of tea to calm down.   I feel a bit bad now about that impulsive outburst of saying I’m frustrated.    

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Saturday, July 1st, 2006 | tags:  |

born badly (Catalan.   An insult)

provided translation note: Very used when people gets hungry whith others

(this post was bought to you by Eyan,   our Barcelonian correspondent.   I suspect Eyan saw through the provided translation note….)

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Spokane or Madrid. You choose.

Thursday, June 1st, 2006 | tags: , , ,  |

Our Barcelonean correspondent is a bit miffed.  Eyan  writes:

Am translating the most tedious web page ever, which makes Madrid look as exciting as a wet weekend in Middlesborough without a DVD or laptop. It’s probably written by some pijo (read posh kid or Ivy leaguer) who has connections to the Partido Popular (read Tory or Republican party), not unikely to have connections with Opus Dei and is bound to be somebody’s cousin, niece, or nephew. Meritocracy is not the word for Spanish society. Most overused words – offer ( used 27 times as a verb and noun in about 2,000 words), enjoy, importante, (which is often translated into English as significant).

My guide also describes the main gay area, Chueca,  without actually saying it is a gay area. It only refers to “subcultures” ( there are also a lot of trendy places nearby, but not actually really in Chueca). Gays offend Catholic fundamentalist sensibilities, along with poor people, socialists and immigrants.

While Eyan was tackling turgid sleep-inducing web-page prose,  I was tackling crossing the vast open plains of Spokane roads…   …how wide?

Spokane street,  700 cars wide.

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in convienient

Sunday, May 28th, 2006 | tags: , , , , ,  |

Our Barcelonean correspondent, Eyan,  wants to know about the Microsoft Word selection of Synonyms for that naughty word:

Why isn’t toilet in the Word synonyms dictionary for British English? Are we being coy? Sweeping things under the carpet again?

I think it’s outrageous 🙂 Toilet water and toilet block are there, but no toilet. What is a guy to do ? It’s there for US English, but not for British English.

I’m baffled,   I’ll have to rest in a room for a while to wonder whether the water closet (WC) should come out of the closet and declare itself a toilet  

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chilling injury

Sunday, May 21st, 2006 | tags: ,  |

The question from the man with the essential questions ‘what does  chilling injury  mean’?  

  1. putting a bag of birdseye frozen peas on damaged muscle?
  2. a wound that sends shivers up your spine because its sooooo icky?
  3. other?


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under cover

Friday, May 19th, 2006 | tags: ,  |

our  Barcelonean correspondent, Eyan, writes:

Sometimes I think my spelling skills may rival yours. After numerous attempts I had to look up archaeological. Yesterday I couldn’t pronounce clandestine correctly. My students said they would continue to use secret instead (similar words exist for both in Spanish).

remember,   tripple vowels are tricky for the spellingly challenged…

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Productive nights

Friday, February 24th, 2006 | tags: ,  |

Eyan asks the essential questions:

Can you explain to me how come I managed to do 18 pages of translation last night (I stayed up most of it) and today I have only done four ?

In Spain, is translation a nocturnally inspired process?

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Butt joint

Saturday, February 18th, 2006 | tags: ,  |

Our Barcelonean correspondent,   Eyan, asks the essential questions:

What is a butt joint ?

a – a curious sexual position

b – a way of joining two pieces of wood together

c – a cigarette containing illegal substances smoked through the anus

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Barcelona Correspondent: Translation trials & trails

Sunday, February 12th, 2006 | tags: , ,  |

Guest entry from Barcelonean WhitePrince.

I’ve taken minor editorial liberties.   This is risky given Eyan’s profession and my punctuatory skills.   I love the way Eyan captures frustrations of his everyday work, translating,  and side-benefits:

It’s easy to get distracted when researching technogyl terminolgy and follow links to something totally unrelated. Today I have read about:

  1. Queen Victoria and her offspring
  2. London City Airport
  3. Luxair (and edited some rather dodgy English in the Wikipedia entry)
  4. Tony Blair’s woes in the Scottish by-election
  5. A 19th century train crash in Northern Ireland
  6. Stairway design  get the work done. It takes longer than it should. I could bspoke German until she w
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Salemville Amish Blue, Gouda & Meowmix

Sunday, January 15th, 2006 | tags: , , ,  |

This week I’m eating Salemville Amish Blue cheese from Wisconsin.   It is moist, flavourful, crumbly  and tongue-slitheringly creamy….

 Eyan reports that Microsoft Word losing 2 hours of his intellectual effort  and a Gouda supper prefaced this rocky dream:

I was with my mother on the coast somewhere – the coasts were rather open and vast, somewhat influenced by photos I saw on I climbed down a rocky ravine to get down to the beach (this is more influenced by the upper Algarve) My mother was urging me on. But, true to style, I got stuck and was in grave danger of falling off and breaking a good few bones.

After an evening scoffing meowmix; Matrix leapt out of a seamingly deep coma with this dramtically delivered dream report:


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Kitty pastiche

Saturday, January 14th, 2006 | tags: , ,  |

Eyan’s kitty-stories,   to be taken daily with a large mug of tea for  a sense of proportion….    

Cats are watching tv.Cat tv emits a warm, orangereddy light and it is viewed as closely as possible. “

Woke with my ususal splutter.   Cats took this as a cue for an early morning feeding. We tried mutual underblanket comforting for an hour,   but it didn’t work. Couldn’t get back to sleep.  They had a five am feeding instead.

Was gang-busted by intruders the other night. They persistently banged against my bedroom door until I let them in. They then forced me to share my bed with them. One was small, light-footed and purred quite a lot. The other was rather heavy and leaden-like on   your legs.

Any idea where my cats stand on the Wendy bounce scale ? There was serious activity this morning, especially after my “trance” alarm went off.”


“This morning’s  bouncing activity involved pushing open the door which was ajar, walking round the bed with heavy footage, climbing along the pillow and sniffing hair, investigating a device on the floor which lit up and emitted sounds equivalent to a small discotheque playing illicit-substance-influenced sounds and general hyperactive mayhem (because we are HUNGRY)”



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Danish Blue Pet DJ

Wednesday, January 4th, 2006 | tags: , , ,  |


  • Investigating eating Danish Blue cheese, while
  • Reading about the WhitePrince’s Kitty’s orange-reddy TV watching habits, and
  • Listening to his 2005 club mix,  after having  
  • Removed Kitty fur from keyboard spacebar

Laptop as food-tray, music system, communications device and kitty-fur magnets    …so versataile…

If life is surreal what’s the (space)bar for normality?

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Gouda with Cumin seed dream

Tuesday, December 20th, 2005 | tags: , , ,  |

A  special guest entry written, edited  and coloured by language specialist Eyan (aka WhitePrince):

Now time to tell you my Gouda with Cumin seed dream before I go to bed:

It starts off with a Japanese boy being interviewed in a tv programme about a plane crash he was involved in. For the sake of clarity I think the Japanese boy is the author’s alter ego. He couldn’t be much further removed from the author’s ethnic profile, but there you go. As the interview progressed, images from the plane crash were shown, which, of course, then became a reality, or a dream reality let’s say. The Japanese boy was pinned to the back of his seat terrified as the plane was losing height very quickly. He was aware he was about to die. At this point the author chose to terminate the performance as he knows plane crashes are rather distasteful. He woke up breathless, but this was probably more due to dust mite allergy than anything   else.

From a scientific point of view – to what extent did the cheese have an effect on the subjects dreams ?

Things to be taken into consideration –

a – The subject is a regular air traveller. He has experienced some very intricate flying manoeuvres, especially in Iberia planes over the sea whilst coming in to land at Barcelona airport. Some pilots should understand that planes do not make u-turns like  a stolen car would do when driven by tearaway  teenagers.

b – He is a fan of Johan Grimonprez’s “Dial H-I-S-T-O-R-Y, a art video film mainly about hijackings. He has seen it again twice recently at the Caixa Forum art centre In the film there are interviews with hijack hostages. There are also Japanese in the film, both hostages and Red Army hijackers. For American sensibilities this is probably not a recommended film.

c- He suffers from allergies and asthma, so any dreams involving frightening, breath-taking  situations may be attributable  to this.

Hope you enjoyed the show. Thank you and goodnight.

Eyan wisely outlines a clear impact of waking life events and interests in dreams.   Waking life events have lead to my own investigations this week going awry heavily due to more

  • fish-eating
  • cheescake eating
  • varied cheese  intake.   (Roquefort bread, Brie, Cream cheese, Edam BabyBel).   Yummy!
  • Abnormal alocohol consumption (mulled wine,   mud slides etc)


Wendy free-form-dream-diary-till-January

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subversive creative translations

Saturday, December 10th, 2005 | tags: , , ,  |
The WhitePrince is earning his crust by translating documents.
He wrote:
"Do you know anything about train control circuits ?   Me neither. making it up as I go along"
Hmmmm… ….translators have the power to make stuff up.   Who knows what cheeky little subversive things they are sneaking into formal documents.  
Origins of the idiom ‘Earning a crust’?
bread = money. From cockney rhyming slang, bread and honey = money. Bread also has associations with the expression ‘earning a crust’, or having enough money to pay for one’s daily bread.

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Cream Cheese = ‘Normal’ dreams

Saturday, December 10th, 2005 | tags: , ,  |

Third report of my cheese-dream intestigation.  

Eating phase (Cream cheese supper):

3/6 nights produced dreams.   Nothing vivid, lucid, outrageous.   Nothing  where the content is even worth reporting or ‘unpubishable-ing’.

3/6 nights.   No dreams.   Pah!

WonderWoman had a similar experience with ‘Laughing Cow’ cream cheese:

Despite slavering Laughing cow onto several begals, I have no dreams to report whatsoever. <unpublishable caveat>”

Decontamination phase (no cream cheese supper):   1 night. 1 forgettable dream.



Rather like not eating a cheese supper at all. Pah!

Recommended for the unadventuous.   I’m beginning to suspect that soft cheeses are just not dream-tastic.


This week I’ll be eating Edam.

The WhitePrince, who is experimenting with coloured emails,  reported yesterday that after eating Edam:

I dreamt we were in your kitchen, each making his or her own breakfast and talking about <unpublishable>. You filled your French-style coffee bowl with frothy hot milk and I  ate my weetabix  from a large white cutlery tray. You were displeased when I accidently put sugar on top of your frothy milk.

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posty, parcel, parent, prince, ‘preciation point

Monday, November 28th, 2005 | tags: , ,  |


I lurffff pressies


Today  IS posty-present-prince-parent-parcel-‘preciation day. Two parcels!!!

1)   The WhitePrince of Barcelona (aka Eyan  girl-sort-your-‘postrophes) mixed some Club-bub-bub-bub-bubbing CDs of ‘Pyjama non-classics’ that I’m listening to now.   NAUGHTY Lyrics.    UNPUBLISHABLE.  


in the Wendy House toooooooonight!

2)   Christmas present with STRICT instructions not to open before December 25th.   Mumzie KNOWS how to taunt me!      


I’m way behind on making packages for the last Christmas post to Europe.   Planning for a creativity weekend followed by parcels to posty…   FUN!


Wendy D-D-D–Dancing-B-B-B-Bouncing

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Dabblings since 1986

Monday, November 14th, 2005 | tags: ,  |
This list is being used to constrain the contents of  an email to the Barcelonean WhitePrince.     Since 1986 I’ve dabbled in  the following overlapping event-categories:
  • giving birth (0)
  • getting married (0)
  • sprouting  a pair of home-grown boobs (1)
  • living  5+years with toy-boy (2)
  • falling in luuuuurrrrrffffff (3)
  • breaking-bone falls (4)
  • moving cities (4)
  • moving jobs (5)
  • criminally insensitive (700+)*  

* for brevity and self-promotional reasons this category  will be  excluded from the email.  
Realistically depressing  events like ‘dying‘ and ‘surgery’  are not included because,   for an email,  they’re  



Wendy reducing-emotional-events-to-countable-categories

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