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Friendly distribution

Wednesday, August 5th, 2015 | tags: , , ,  |


frequency distribution graphWarnings:

  • All charts are fictional,  not based on any real data
  • All axis show interval data on proportionate scales, even if they don’t look it
  • All typing, grammar and spelling mistakes are  gratuitous
  • All titles and labels are slap-dash
  • Any resemblance of anything or anyone is purely coincidental

Not all of my Facebook friends are alive. I watch my fathers 2 accounts wondering whether Facebook will proactively do anything to remove them through sign-in inactivity. They were a source of comfort soon after he died. Family and friends posted photographs, stories, goodbyes on his timeline and the experience was shared. Because of this we decided not to proactively try and close the account.

Meanwhile several friends have closed their Facebook accounts as a protest against the way the data is used. I miss their presence, can empathise with the reasons for their choice.

The people with over 700 friends intrigue me. They appear to be using Facebook in a qualitatively different way to myself and most of my friends. I suspect these are extreme extroverts and their friends distribution graph will have a centre with people having 500 friends on average…


Friendly distribution
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Worthing A&E

Saturday, August 25th, 2012 | tags: , , , , , , ,  |

2.00pm 13th August

Do people have to wait hours for ambulances?  I felt a little bit guilty about an ambulance being called because I didn’t need any ambulance-fancy equipment or go-faster Sirens.

I persuaded the young paramedic to take me to Worthing A&E, less that 5 minutes drive away, even without sirens. Standing-room only in the waiting room, good job the curb hadn’t attacked my legs!

Facebook confirmed that my relatives are not shy about liking that I have broken my arm despite the clear social convention to avoid liking such things. The Brit’s normally start thier comments with an empathetic variation on “Ouch!” and the USA people go straight in with the positive get well wishes.

It was so good to feel the waves of empathy and positivism…

facebook photograph of broken arm

Worthing A&E
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anorak sick

Friday, August 3rd, 2012 | tags: , , ,  |

Removing facebook adverts for weightlossI keep

  • telling facebook that I don’t need to diet, I’m not fat.
  • asking the adverts to stop harrassing me.

For years I’ve been asking, but Facebook ignores me.  Facebook is targeting advertising and I have set my gender to female so I must be in need of getting thinner because no type of thin is going to be thin-enough for an industry that feeds on the image of women as childlike (small and hairless) sexual objects.


It’s a good job I’m stubborn and opinionated otherwise I’d just cry and diet myself into an early grave because happiness cannot be found in a diet and the pressure to diet wont stop because I get thinner.

anorak sick
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the lady doth protest too much methinks

Tuesday, November 15th, 2011 | tags: , , ,  |

On facebook I have some ‘friends’ that I barely know, I met them a few times and they seemed like nice people. They were friends of friends, and in that sense had a good pedigree.

One of these people is a professional woman, probably in her mid 30’s. I follow her status posts with fascination because I’m intrigued by the possible back-story, the things she doesn’t say.  These are some of the key focus points of the things she has said in the last 6 months

  • Bought a new house
  • Bought a flash convertable sports car
  • Had a fabulous sailing holiday with friends – drinking, relaxing, sunbathing, partying
  • Went to my first ever weekend music festival, camped, had a brilliant time
  • Had a fabulous night out with the girls (photographs of happy people)
  • Had a fantastic house party – photographs of people looking drunk and smiling.
  • Has new 42″ plasma TV attached to the wall in her bedroom (updates facebook from bed – windows phone)

Somehow I read into these posts that she is an unhappy, lonely, person. Someone trying to convince either us or herself that she’s having a good life. By limiting her status posts to acquisition of socially significant items and engagement in ‘popular’ social activities she is only mentioning things that are cultrually defined as aspirational.

In my imaginary backstory she’s just got divorced, is painfully lonely and trying to fill the gap created by the pain of a failed intimate relationship and let her friends know she’s ok – don’t worry. Either that or she is as shallow and superficial as her facebook status convey at face value….

8pointsomething33333333333334Am I bonkers?

the lady doth protest too much methinks
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when does persistence become harassment?

Sunday, May 15th, 2011 | tags: , , ,  |

Facebook is determinedFacebook is determined to suggest that I buy high healed shoes, loose weight and look younger. Sometimes all 4 advertisements are about weightloss. I always mark them as offensive because I have a healthy weight and lack of obsession with dieting.

Perhaps facebook should include BMI (Body Mass Index) as a field in people’s personal information so that it doesn’t irresponsibly promote dieting to people who are underwieght.

As you’ve probably noticed, I am repeatedly annoyed by the fact that Facebook perpetually ignores my responses to the controls it provides for rating these adverts. I tell facebook that I find dieting, and female conformity (make-up etc) advertisements offensive. What’s the point of asking me if they are going to ignore my responses. Given that they ignore my feedback the adverts feel like harrassment.

when does persistence become harassment?
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Advertising tailored to who?

Wednesday, April 20th, 2011 | tags: , ,  |

advertising tailored to meFacebook suggests that I, or my baby (???!), should learn to type and get a part time job.

Facebook knows my age, gender, relatives on face book (parents, siblings, cousins, nieces), apps I’ve installed and the advertisments I’ve dismissed because they were either ‘uninteresting‘ or ‘offensive‘ (e.g. Make-up, diet, cosmetic surgery, high-healed shoes). Facebook does not know about my schooling or employment.

What do you think? Should I give up my FT, rewarding job, have a baby, and get a part-time typing job working from home?

Advertising tailored to who?
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Thursday, April 2nd, 2009 | tags: , ,  |

8pointsomething33333333333334How long ago did I create my facebook profile picture album?  

I’m not abusing facebook, not at all, no, we’re actually very good friends 78.33335589% good friends.   Excel can confirm the decimal point and can even convert the Facebook fraction of a day  into hours, minutes and seconds.   Excellent.   I’ll just be left with the problem of working out what to use this information for…

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