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a good figure

Sunday, July 5th, 2009 | tags: ,  |


Seven is a good figure,   it needs no explanation, it just is

it out

It out is a good figure,   it too needs no explanation, just a little effort

and ME!

that’s a pretty dress Wendy,   its nice to see you in a dress,   you have such a good figure its ashame to hide it under a t-shirt”,  just someone said

a good figure
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hypnotistless regression

Saturday, June 27th, 2009 | tags: , , ,  |

After a few minutes silence a new conversation starts

male: I’ve got a new horn

female: Oh?

male: Yes,   it’s no longer ‘MOOOOOOO’   now it’s  ‘MOOOOOOEEEEW

female: that’s nice

male: do you want to see my horn?

Wendy: Teeeeheeeehheeeeheeee he wants to show you his horn

Returning to the UK has reinforced my ability to regress the age of 12 without the aid of a parachute or hypnotist.  

How cheap is that?   Bargain basement cheap!  

hypnotistless regression
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daily flirting

Tuesday, June 23rd, 2009 | tags: ,  |

Hair lying knottily on the pillowYoung Male Colleague (YMC):   morning luv

Wendy: morning luv (reflecting,   while trying not to choke or laugh at what feels like an innappropriately over-affectionate term  to me, but might not be)

WMC: You’ve got bed hair

I move my hand to my hair to ruffle it some more, emphasize the effect.    Before my hand reaches my head:

YMC: No, don’t, it looks good

The UK chaps do like to use conversational styles (flirting?)  that were not normally used,with me,  in the NW US.   A lot of flirting,   its not ‘serious’ though,   it appears to be dished out fairly evenly within a heterosexual framework.

daily flirting
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scum scum scum

Monday, November 24th, 2008 | tags: ,  |

Satruday night train from LeedsApproaching Peterborough train station.

A  small lady with fake-blond hair drawn tightly against her head by a short pontytail mutters ‘scum scum scum’ under her breath as she rises.   I can barely hear the chink of her three large, gold, hooped earings dancing together over the sound of flirting and empty high spirits from passengers further down the carriage.  ‘We love Leeds’  

They all alight at Peterborough.

A sleeping passenger on the other side of the isle  wakes,   pukes half digested  pringles  on the seat next to him,   places a newspaper over the puke then goes back to sleep.   Another passenger pulls his scarf up over his nose and buries his head deeper in his book while hugging a guitar case.


scum scum scum
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Sensual Jargon: ‘Hot-desking’

Wednesday, May 11th, 2005 | tags: , ,  |

I recently read a description of something that I recognized as ‘Hot Desking”. It was summrised by the auther as using a “Hotspot”. “Hotspots” are normally advertised as places where you could get wireless internet connectivity for your Hand-held device (phone, pda). The description I’d read didn’t require wireless internet connectivity. Not a ‘hotspot’ as I understood it.

I then realized that I had not heard the phrase “Hot-Desking” since I arrived in the US. I searched the internet for the term to see what the search results implied. Sure enough, most of the web-sites were addressed with at the end. This site describes the term:


The name may derive from hot bunking, the name given to the sharing of sleeping space by sailors on watch in wartime, when as one went on watch another took his place.

I’ve inferred that the ‘hot’ probably comes from the likelihood that the bunk was still physically warm (hot?) when you got in it at the end of your watch from the body that just left the bunk to go on watch…. a pleasant (?) sensual experience.

This alone seemed weak evidence to determine if the phrase is UK (maybe, Europe) centric. I wandered into the office of a pretty young UK boy and asked him “what would you think of if I said Hot-desking?” He described the term as I understood it. I then wandered into the office of a pretty young US boy and asked him the same question.

He blushed, paused, then said “it depends what mood I’m in“. After I’d finished laughing and commenting on what a great answer that was, he said that he had no idea, he’d never heard the phrase before. I was impressed that he had risked a ”personnel’ violation (e.g. sexual harassment) by flirting with me. Flirting at work seems much more rare in the US than the UK. I took this as confirmation that the US do not use Hot-desking as a term. I then wandered into another colleagues office, described Hot-Desking and asked her if there was a word for it. She said, “yes, Hoteling

I concluded that Hot-Desking (UK) = Hoteling (US)

Personally I prefer the phrase with the sensual undertones and double entendre… …what can I say…

Wendy with hot-desk and so much more

Sensual Jargon: ‘Hot-desking’
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