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fridge is aired

Wednesday, February 20th, 2013 | tags: ,  |

The old fridge that came with the house 5 years ago has just reached too-much-rattling for my liking. Then it had the audacity to add squealing and leaking to its repertoire.

I wish the fridge had given me at least a week’s notice of its impending demise. Maybe sent me a text or a calendar appointment. A week is the time it will probably take to get one delivered, standard delivery. Meanwhile, I’ll improvise….


fridge is aired
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Smeggin style over substance

Wednesday, April 8th, 2009 | tags: , , , ,  |
Second in a seriess   of   Wednesday Wendy International Standards of Experience (WISE)  reports that  bring you the information on products and services that could affect your happiness and health.    

This pile of junk has wasted a lot of my time and money (user quote)

The Fab28 in not FAB (Wendy quote)

A recently published user review study gives preliminary indications that 1950’s style  Smeg Fridge    (FAB28)* is aesthetically pleasing, expensive  and functionally f******.   This Smeg fridge scored a severe health warning level of 26% on the Wendy International Standard for Experiences (WISE) because of its unreliable, expensive, breaking parts, poor support service and short life  that left people fridgeless and with water damage to their homes.     The score  scraped itw way  up to the depths of 26%  due to the branding, size  and visual styling that influenced users’ original purchase decision.

Study summary:

An expert Wendy (me) collected and  reviewed reports from SMEG fridge owners  then used the information  to complete the WES ©â„¢ questionnaire (below) by placing an X on the line in a position that  best summarised the user experiences  published  on product review websites:

Absolutely Fabulous



Cover-it-with-a-brown-bag ugly



                                   Just what I need


Don’t see why I’d want to use it

You’d have to pay ME to use it


Take all my cash, and credit, NOW!

Squeeze, stroke, and lickable


Cooties, don’t touch IT!

Did I brake it or what?


Works a treat                  

I can  use it first time


training-required nightmare

   Snore, Snore, Snore


Fun, Fun, Fun

Its  obvious what it was going to do


it was full of surprises

FAFFAUCEP score of 23/90 = 26%

Source product review websites:

  • Individual reviews on suggest that the compressors break,   the seals don’t work,   the shelves smash, it turns itself on and off,   it leaks, replacement parts are outrageously expensive.
  • Reviews at ‘the review centre’ are predominantly critical with a couple of pleased users.   The comments confirm expensive parts that are prone to breaking.   Buying a new door because the seals break, a frequently mentioned problem,  costs more than replacing the fridge.
  • Australian ‘product review’


  • it is without doubt the worst purchase I have ever made
  • I’ve had to replace the freezer door twice, and the plastic door compartments are also broken. Don’t buy it!
  • Less than 3 years since I bought this Smeg Fab28 fridge, it is heading to the tip.
  • thought it was cool (!) and looked nice but soon found out its a pile of crap that breaks regularly!
  • The seals on the main fridge collapsed within 3 months
  • I have to clean this fridge out more than we clean the car
  • I  have noise like small explosion coming from around the compressor area
  • fridge has frozen up at the rear, and it then decided to defrost all over the kitchen floor!
  • I have been plagued with problems such as the door seal going (you have to buy a whole new door at a cost of £300 plus labour to have this repaired!)
  • This pile of junk has wasted a lot of my time and money
  • One complete  positive review

* this review only covers the Fab28,   it cannot be generalised to other Smeg models.

Smeggin style over substance
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weighted fridge doors

Sunday, October 12th, 2008 | tags: ,  |

Mumzie:   GWENDOLYN!   Remember to shut the fridge door after you’ve used the milk

Wendy:   ………

In the US my fridge door was weighted,   it fell shut automatically.   Slightly irritating when making a cup of tea at a leisurely pace.   Here in the UK my fridge door is not weighted.   If I forget to shut it the fridge tries to cool the whole kitchen.  

Memories of mumzies wise words shiver around the room…

weighted fridge doors
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black and white goods

Thursday, March 20th, 2008 | tags: , ,  |

The 1980’s UK social classification of electrical products divided into ‘white goods’ (fridge, washing machine, Iron, etc) and ‘black goods’ (TV, Hi-Fi etc). This division was reflected in the location of the items in shops and the marketing styles.

The only electrical goods that came with me from America fall outside the colour classification by being red (laptop & camera) or silver (network drive). The new old Wendy House came with some white goods (fridge, cooker, microwave, combination boiler, radiators) and no black goods.

Should I buy some form of black goods?

This is a non-trivial question. Judging by Bang and Olufsen’s website it is a decision the price of a small car. I’m not spending that much money….

black and white goods
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comfort cheese

Friday, September 21st, 2007 | tags: ,  |

All cheese is theoretically comfort cheese.   But.   Cheese in YOUR fridge is less comforting than cheese in MY fridge.   Comfort cheese is nearby,   normally in my mouth… …..mmmmmm….      

comfort cheese
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The bitterest pill (I ever had to swallow)

Thursday, April 19th, 2007 | tags: ,  |

twenty-eighth in a series of  posts about taking tiffin with  (black) tea  in the NW USA .

Thursday Tiffin #28: The bitterest pill (I ever had to swallow)

For those people that do not like to take their tea wet,   in water, infused,   my local Fridge supplies a dried, pill format.   It made me wonder how people ‘wash down’ the pill,   with a swig of water?   On the rare occassions I have to swallow something dry  I normally wash it down with a mug of Tea.

The bitterest pill (I ever had to swallow)
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stand-in fridge

Thursday, September 28th, 2006 | tags: , , ,  |

House party!   As  we entered the house my friends seemed to melt into the colourful crowd of over-dressed and under-weared party-goers.   This was the 80’s.   The house awash with colour, exotic make-up and loud loud underwear.   I made my way towards the kitchen in search of alcohol to mellow the noisey tones.    A crowd had gathered around the doorway and against the kitchen counters.   In a large  arc with the fridge,   and Burnel,  at it’s apex.

Burnel,  simultaneously beside,   around, and on top of the fridge.   Wearing his performance persona.   At first I didn’t recognize him.   The imaccualte make-up,   tight fitting black leather trousers wrapping themselves around and over the fridge, the cape gently obeying the movements of his body.   Girls giggled.  Boys smirked.   Gradually they lost interest and dispersed into the main rooms of the party.  

I stood riveted to the scene.   To me a fridge is cold,   angular,   almost definitively unsensuous.   Yet here,   with his own movements,  Burnel managed to imbue the fridge with a delicate coquetishness.   It was clearly desirable.   He may have acknowledged my presence with a glance,   I may have said ‘hello’.   It’s unlikely.    The fridge was undoubtedly recieving his  undivided attention and I certainly didn’t want to break the unique experience he was building.   I suspect I remained in the kitchen watching him for the duration of the performance.   I certainly pondered on that philosophically fundamental question

‘what is it like to be a fridge?‘  

Several months later on a nightclub dancefloor I found the answer.   Burnel spontaneously mistook me for a fridge.    My compressor promptly broke,   resulting in giggle fits and an unceremonious  dash to the shadows for emotional repairs.  

How appropriate that a picture of Burnel now clings to my fridge.

stand-in fridge
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Chatting in the Fridge

Wednesday, January 4th, 2006 | tags: ,  |

Inhabitants of the fridge (Adonis, BSBM and WildGirl)  know HOW I live.   They checkout my nightly visits for basic necessities of either beer, teabags, kitty food/litter, cheese or sanitary towels.  

Tonight was a beer night.

Adonis:   <twists round from his check-out to  review my purchase on the next check-out> “can you share one of those with me? <flashes dental masterpiece over his shoulder while scanning his customers goods>

Wendy: Tough night?

 Adonis:   its going that way <simultaneously answers the phone,  scans an item, twists round, smiling  and fanning his transparant eyelashes at me.   The boy is a multi-talented mutli-tasker>

Last late night beer purchase from Adonis:

Adonis:   Dinner? <with downturned head raises blonde eyebrows and flaunts his pearly whites>

Wendy: late lunch <revealing my twisty yellows>

You need to wear sunglasses for a full appreciation of  Adonis,  marble-white skin, matching tresses, transluscent lashes  and flourescent smile.

Chatting in the Fridge
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Downtown Fridge

Saturday, November 12th, 2005 | tags:  |

Late evening downtown with PartAnimal.   We serendipitously encountered a Fridge.       I could see the fascinating,   shiny, produce,   through the dangerous floor-to-ceiling glass wall.

Wendy:  “Can we  go in there and investigate  the produce?”

PartAnimal:  “That’s my ex-wife’s mother”

Wendy:   <WOW!   He’s surprisingly more bizarre than me.    This could be way toooooooo much fun for one evening.   Especially since my last Tea-intake  was over  4hrs ago.   Must get a beer….>

General bizarreness was confirmed by PartAnimal’s  Brithday present choice:

Downtown Fridge
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Check-out the Fridge

Wednesday, November 9th, 2005 | tags: , ,  |

While the big shiny black man (BSBM) scanned my tea and beers  from the fridge.   I slipped in a little yawn.

BSBM:   “why are you tired?”   <he flashed his abundant white  toothipegs at me><

Wendy: “I’m pathetic AND I stay up late,   you know,   ’til midnight

BSBM: “You’re not pathetic,   <more reckless toothipeg flashing> you should give me a back-rub when I finnish here”   <Thank heavens for a normal man,   my singleness must be showing>

Wendy: “I’m way too tired to give you a back-rub,   I’m really THAT pathetic” <Wendy bounces out of the store>

Wendy showing-kick-arse-development-potential

Check-out the Fridge
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