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Saturday, November 1st, 2008 | tags: , , , ,  |

The Wendy House Sambucus nigra,  or Elderberry (flickr photoshare)After consulting with the experts (mum, friend, their books, the internet) I thought that the nobly, noble, small tree in my garden was a ‘Sambucus nigra’ more commonly known as an Elderberry and before that as aeld.  

Like many trees the Mythical history of the Elderberry  proposes, or describes its traditional uses.  The name may come from the Anglo-Saxon term ellaern or aeld which means “fire” or “to kindle a fire“.   It was associated with female-centric goddess systems then over time gradually perverted to represent ‘mischievious faeries’  by both the celts of  Ireland and England.   Traditionally the Elder is placed by the back door of a home, where mine grows, to keep evil spirits from influencing or entering the home and used to pin the thatch to a roof.   The runic association is with Feh,  the first rune, indicating where one sequence ends and another begins,   the cusp of transition,   renewal.

 British Christians gave the Elder a more sinister press,   claiming that Judas committed suicide by hanging himself from this tree.   He must have been short or the tree leaning over a decent drop.   Along with many other trees it is claimed Jesus was crucified on an cross made of Elder.

Then a garden specialist happened to wander by saying  that’s a Viburnum tinus

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view from a toilet

Friday, August 1st, 2008 | tags: , , , ,  |

Garden designer guest:   it’s not many people that can look straight into their garden when sitting on their toilet

I will have to put something in the line of view to make it a tad more pleasurable than just patio and fence.   As I’m sure you can imagine,   I’ve been  contemplating the garden rather a lot  recently…

According to the principles of Feng Shui,   I should change the layout of the bathroom,  keep this door closed,  change the colour scheme from blue and white to red and red then add  a few candles or my career will flow into the sewers.   Alas,   I’m way too busy building my career and going on holiday  to bother with arranging and paying for  builders to rebuild  my bathroom in a Feng Shui approvable layout and colour scheme.   Pleasing plants in line of view will have to suffice.

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