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you can’t go back. go home and start again

Monday, July 29th, 2013 | tags: , , , , , , , , , ,  |

<RANT WARNING – Apple fanboys, and people who love positivity should leave now>

Over the last 3 years I’ve been lucky(?) enough to have 3 different smart phones as my main phone:

HTC Desire, Nokia Lumia 800, iPhone5
HTC Desire, Nokia Lumia 800, iPhone 5

I’m very disappointed with the iPhone5. I want to revert to the Nokia. I was unimpressed by the Nokia but not to the extent that I wanted to give up using it within the week.

The reasons I dislike the iPhone would all be easily uncovered by usability testing with new users, so why do they STILL exist in version 5? Doesn’t Apple test it’s products with people switching from other smart phones? Maybe Apple doesn’t know because it doesn’t bother to test, maybe it knows but doesn’t think they’re worth fixing?

The problems I’m encountering are the sort of thing that should have been fixed by version 2, or for Microsoft – version 3. if the company prioritised input from users other than Apple fan boys who appear to live in a world that lacks perspective.  My 5 main problems were discovered within the first hour of using the iPhone:

  1. No ‘back’ control – you have to go to ‘home’ and then navigate forward to where you were. Android has a hardware back button and Windows has a software back button. All the browsers I’ve ever used have got a back button. You never have to ‘start again’.  Arrrghhhhhhh! It’s hellishly inefficient and irritating. It affects virtually everything I want to do on the phone unless the app provider has included either an ever-present software back button or easy in-App navigation. Apple has effectively offloaded the overhead of designing good navigation to App providers which will result in diverse navigation methods, more effort for the user to learn them. That’s not good.
  2. No service detected. OH MY GOODNESS! After putting in the SIM card, there was no service. I first assumed that I’d put the SIM card in the wrong way.  As soon as I removed the SIM the phone said ‘No SIM detected’. So the problem wasn’t with the SIM placement. I rebooted the phone. SIGH. No service. I showed the phone to a local, patient and peppy, Apple fanboy, who used his psychic Apple-fix-it skills and called my number. MAGIC. It wasn’t displaying that it could receive a signal, yet the phone rang and I was able to answer it! Bizarreness. The service signal strength was now showing on the phone. Unreliable OS messaging of hardware capabilities? That is, the hardware had detected a service but the Apple display hadn’t been updated to show this. What were the Apple test team doing when they set up tests that would let a product with this problem get released? Over the next few days I soon got into the habit of using my Windows Nokia phone (same service provider) to call my i-Phone so that the display would update to show the service signal.  HOW CRAP IS THAT?! More than a double face-palm. I tried a more traditional technique to get the signal to display – rebooting the phone. SIGH. The irritating thing about rebooting the phone to get a service signal is that I have to login to my iApple account again (see problem 3 below), and then the service signal isn’t always re-displayed.  I’ve tried shaking the phone and wandering around the office space. More out of desperation and frustration.CLEAN UP FOR GOODNESS SAKE!
  3. ALL CAPS LETTERS ONLY on the keyboard display, even when you’re typing in lower-case! Really poor visual feedback on what case to expect the keyboard to produce. I use a lot of passwords where there is a requirement for UPPER CASE letters and only a temporary view of the typed letter before it turns into a dot.  This meant that not being able to ‘see’, by looking at the keyboard,  which CASE the letter is going to be typed in was a pain. I had to look at the shift key, which has only a subtle ‘brightness’ contrast change and is covered by my finger that’s pressing it.  Lack of this feedback results in my having to be more careful entering passwords, and have to retype passwords more frequently.  My ‘new’ Apple ID had to be reset 3 times because I couldn’t work out if I’d miss-typed the ID or just tried to enter the wrong ID.  When creating the new password using “I-Forgot” – blame me why don’t you! – I got more “Passwords don’t match” messages than on any other phone I’ve used.  This is an easy OS software change, why haven’t Apple bothered to fix this obvious usability problem?
  4. Not connecting to my home wireless.  I’ve tried about 8 times. The phone can detect my wireless and offers me a password entry field.  I’ve retyped and retyped the network key but for some inexplicable reason the phone is unable to join this network and wont even hint at why. Just tells me it’s failed. At least it takes responsibility for this failure.
  5. No CAPS LOCK. Both Android and Windows have good simple software solutions for this behaviour, which I’d learnt. An Apple fan boy explained to me that I should keep one finger on shift and type the letters with a different finger.  No problem from his perspective. Another Apple fan boy told me a double-tap acts as shift-lock and that she only found out how to use her iPhone with multiple lessons from her daughter. This is only a miner discovery detail, but when added to the other issues for someone trying an iPhone after having used Android or Windows OS’s, it’s yet another poor design feature that implies lack of user-care by the OS development team.

HTC Desire, Nokia Lumia 800, iPhone5From my perspective the Apple iPhone OS behaviour is clearly less elegant with more user effort overhead than both Android and Windows. I’m surprised, I expected to love it.

Pish and Tush

<RANT TEMPORARILY ON HOLD- I suspect there will be more…>

you can’t go back. go home and start again
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What are wendy house visitors doing?

Thursday, June 27th, 2013 | tags: , ,  |

Google analytics’ visual for showing wendy house visitor journey’s in the month of May 2013…multiple clicks:

Visitor Flow
This is what I’ve learned from May’s visitor route information:

  1. UK and US based people are my largest groups of visitors.
  2. UK visitors’ arrive on either the homepage, a post about Sylvac Bunny’s (n=111), or other specific pages.
  3. US visitors’ arrive on a blog post tag (n=194), or specific pages. They don’t arrive on the homepage.
  4. Other countries appear to arrive on the homepage or other specific pages. They’re not like the US visitors.

Most people leave after viewing the page that they’ve landed on (1.1K). I’m interpreting this as visitors quickly working-out that there is nothing, other than the landing page, that will interest them on the wendy house. A good result.

The few visitors that hang around (0.1%, n=161) click on a tag, the current month, the homepage, or “about the wendy house”.

Of the visitors that make:

  • one click on the blog, a 2nd click is made by (n=74) 45%.  The 2nd click is mainly on the homepage (n=29) or a blog tag (n=12)
  • two clicks on the blog, a 3rd click is made by (n=40) 45%! The 3rd click is mainly on he homepage (n=12) or a blog tag (n=8)

From other stats I know that:

  • The 4 most popular tags are: Passport, Toilet, Bristol, and Reading town
  • Search Engines are the main source of new visitors.
  • The proportion of new visitors to returning visitors has remained fairly static across the blog lifetime at 6:4.
  • The number of visitors per day typically varies between 40 and 80, averaging at about 60.
What are wendy house visitors doing?
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my fish are dead

Friday, May 10th, 2013 | tags: , , , ,  |

I’ve been never knowingly suffered from depression. I don’t know what it’s like. I’ve listened to people who are probably suffering from depression, taking their calls to helplines.

I’ve listened to their long silences.  There’s something peaceful and reassuring in sharing a long silence over the phone. I’ve heard their curiously monotone voices. I’ve listened to them repeatedly describe their situation as-if they’ve forgotten what they said before their last silence. A brief auditory glimpse into what may be depression.

Scary Duck pointed out this blog post:

Allie’s story captured my attention, held it with wit and comic engaging sketches. It’s helped give me an insight into one way of experiencing depression. I’ll be following Allie’s writing from now on, once I work out how to replace my google reader….

my fish are dead
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tautological text

Friday, June 1st, 2012 | tags: , ,  |

I uninstalled chrome and all it’s components but apparantly this has left some unresponsive scripts that Mozilla kindly warns me about.

Unresponsive x 2An unresponsive script warning is  not responding

I have no idea what this message really means or the implications of my choice.  I wish it would go away rather than repeatedly popping up after my laptop has snoozed, then unresponding in a ‘get in the way’ tone. It’s a passive aggressive sort of dialog. Using its unresponsiveness to get in the way of my doing what I want to.

Pish and Tush


tautological text
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doing the merge thing

Saturday, April 28th, 2012 | tags: , , , ,  |

I received a long message puportedly from Google Blogger

It was difficult to understand. I think it was saying that I will loose my Blogger Blog if I don”t click on these links and do something. I dont have a Blogger blog.  I deleted my blogger trial blog in 2004. What are they on about? I wish they’d test thier mass-mailings on people who don’t speak Blogger techno-speak then write translations before sending them to me

Google Blogger email

Unsure if the email was legitimate or some form of scam, I decided to log into my Blogger account and report the email. An excellent reporting system took a screenshot of the page I was on when making the report. I asked what I should do.  I didn’t get any submission confirmation – not even an email….. and no guidance on what to do – at 24 hours later…

While logged-in to my Blogger account I looked for a way to solve the problem. I looked for evidence that the email was real – a big button saying

“You need to do this”

It looked like Google wanted me to “merge” my blogger and google accountsIs this merge the same as the ‘upgrade’ mentioned in the letter? For obvious viral infection risks I like keeping my services distinct. No merging. If Google is determined to merge my stuff – I don’t think I can hold out against it’s repeated requests, especially when I’m getting something for free.  The feel of bullying make me gradually dislike Google more and more…..

After much tutting I did the merge thing

Later I went to read my highly organised google reader feeds only to discover that Google had duplicated the blogger account feeds in a newly created Blogger folder. Now I have the originally created feeds and the merge created feeds.

Tush.  Bullying me to integration

Giving me tidy-up tasks – delete the duplicates

Tush Tush


doing the merge thing
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reading problem on Google reader

Monday, March 5th, 2012 | tags: , ,  |

Just incase you thought eveything was running smoothly, here is internet failure of the day

Google Reader button text never arrived…

I waited ….  then wrecklessly pressed the unlabelled button…

It turned out to be the settings button. Google trying to hide its settings on the day it merged it’s privacy policies to share my use data across services?  Unlabelling a setting button on the day I want to change  settings

Spooky or cunning? You decide…

reading problem on Google reader
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Poor show from Google Blogger

Monday, September 5th, 2011 | tags: , ,  |

Askimet provides the wendy house with an outstanding blog spam filtering service. Hoorah!

The service is much like an email spam filter, it puts all comments that it considers as spam in a place where I can review and delete them. Most of my blog spam is from people trying to sell loans

Every few months my blog spam folder contained a comment from a Blogger  hosted blog that was more than just Spam. It was promoting racial and gender hatred. I am suprised that since December 2010 the Google service Blogger, has been  prepared to host this blog that:

  • Spam other blogs
  • promotes hatred based on gender stereotyping (e.g. get a more obliging wife from India)
  • promotes hatred based on racial characteristics (e.g. Philipino women are ok)

I’ve twice reported the blog, for abusing the Blogger behavioural code by spamming and hatred, using the Blogger ‘Report Abuse’   facitility. It’s still there.  My opinion of Google continues to dive while they continue to knowingly host a blog that the awesome Askimet recognises as a spam source and normal people recognise as promoting gender based hatred

Poor show Google

1) comment in my blog spam filterMaybe you’d like to let Blogger know how you feel about this blog, you can report it here

Poor show from Google Blogger
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Do Androids dream of electric wendys?

Monday, June 20th, 2011 | tags: , , , , , , , ,  |

While standing in the isle of a FGW commuter train from London Paddington I watched the young man seated beside me using his Blackberry phone. It looked like a mini Windows 95 – text-menu list overload! My gut reaction was yuck! The young man navigated the text-heavy grey menu with impressive speed. Clearly an experienced user.

Some of the things I love about my Android HTC desire are the way the designers have managed to

  • Use pleasing interaction styles –  I can gesture with flicks, stretches, squeezes. I can drag and drop all sorts of things across screens. I can use short and long presses on the screen to find different button behaviours. It’s fun to explore and learn
  • Create a simple, versataile information architecture. I don’t have to learn then relearn where everything is because everything is in a sensible place that’s easy to find and find again. The navigation system is clear and simple
  • Allow me to easily find and install useful, innovative, fun, relevant Apps. It’s my phone and it does what I want it to do!
  • Avoid looking like Windows 95, no battleship grey, no long text menus with uninspiring fonts
  • Include fun animations like the windscreen wiper blade running across the screen when its raining. I love how the designers have taken the notion of a dashboard design and then added a winscreen wiper extending the metaphor with humour. Fun!

My HTC Desire in the rain Hoorah for Android!

Do Androids dream of electric wendys?
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wilder google geese chasing

Monday, October 18th, 2010 | tags: ,  |

Ho hum.

International rescue happens from my fabulous new Thunderbird 3.0 But, Alan, we have a problem. Almost all of the spam in the spam mail folder is from me, yes me! I’m spamming myself. Yet, my sent mail doesn’t contain the same messages. Odd. I searched the google support forums and help. I completed their multipoint point protection list at least 3 times, changed my password several times a day. Yet still I spammed myself.

Then eventually I found a knowledge base article that explained that spammers can ‘fake’ from addresses, that gmail can spot this and filter them to the spam folder. It suggested that these emails should be ignored. Three days of unnecessary angsting and password changing because the Google help and support arrangements are so difficult to navigate. Puh.

Alan, all Thunderbirds are GO!

wilder google geese chasing
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wild google goose chase

Saturday, October 16th, 2010 | tags: , ,  |

With the message ‘help not available’ Blogger successfully manages to end my search on how to report the error message they’d given me. Time wasters.

They asked me to report it without providing a clear link to do so. I tried their support forums where I found one other message of someone reporting this error but no support on what to do about it or reassurance that Blogger is doing anything about it. I tried their help documentation with different queries and found nothing useful except this message ‘page not avialable’  that included a suggestion to use the Chrome browser.

Given this experience of their support for my encountering an error, I am not inclined to want to extend my use of their services. How can they refine services to high quality if they don’t provide an adequate error tracking, reporting system? By asking me to submit the error they implied they we’re not tracking it by any other means.

Useful of them to remind me that Chrome is a service they provide, which I might not want to use at the point they tell me they are not going to help me.

Help not available

wild google goose chase
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IE, Firefox or Chrome

Thursday, October 14th, 2010 | tags: , , ,  |

I have no idea what the worldwide statistics are for the actual use of different browsers. I do know what browsers are used by the people (IP addresses) who open Wendy House pages because Google Analytics has snooped on them and told me! (see below)

Unsurprisingly IE in all its versions is the most common browser. Obviously. Almost half these visits are made by me in the cupboard. If we remove the numbber of visits made by myself we are left with Firefox being the browser of choice for my visitors. ‘Choice’ because someone choose to install it on the computer and open it to visit the wendy house.

I understand that some people have more than one browser on their computer. For a gal like me this is potentially confusing. Where possible I like to keep  things simple; one credit card, one set of parents, one kitchen, one bathroom, one type of tea bag, one car. This simplicity reduces the everyday cognitive load of decision making. I’ve removed the need to make many daily decisions. Obviously there are some details that are significant and require reqgular decision making resources such as – which cheese? which hat? Which password?

Currently I’m toying with ‘which browser’. I am not an ‘early adopter’ of new technologies. I like to use things which lots of other people have used and found OK. Firefox is looking like the browser for me because it’s open-source, should play well with Thunderbird and lots of people that read the wendy house use it already, pressumably because it works well for them.

Browsers visiting the Wendy House

IE, Firefox or Chrome
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more than no-one

Tuesday, September 29th, 2009 | tags: , , ,  |

Google analytics provides a ‘site overlay’ that shows your website with in-place click-through statistics.   A geek like me will spend time wandering through such statistics saying ‘oOOoooo‘   and ‘Aaah‘ and ‘what does it all  mean?
Clicks on wendyhome banner

For 4 weeks,   September 2009, Google analytics says that I had 4,681 ‘visits’.  

I rashly infer that visitors want to know something about who is writing this nonsense (8.1% on who’s wendy) or are interested in finding food (0.3%), or why I’m bothering to write about anything at all (0.2%).   Some people consider whether to comment, or why I might consider stopping people from publishing their commentson my blog, (0.1%).  

More than no-one,   some-one,   is interested in who inspired me to blog ( >0.0%) while no-one wants to  sign-up to receive notifications of my posting in thier RSS reader.

Here’s what Google Analytics says, in numbers, about what visitors click on:

  • Scribbles (The Wendy House home page) = 5.9%
  • Who’s Wendy = 8.1%
  • Why Scribble = 0.2%
  • Comment control = 0.1%
  • Food foraging = 0.3%
  • Credits =   > 0.0%
  • RSS = 0%

I prefer the notion of ‘somone’ over the numerical representation of more than no-one  (> 0.0) looked at who I credit with inspiring my blogging.   The relationship between significant (meaning) and signifiers (often numbers) is frequently obscure and sometimes misleading.

Ho hum

more than no-one
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google earth at home

Saturday, April 4th, 2009 | tags: , , ,  |

Sneak preview videow   (pixellated  for privacy reasons  by google earth*) that demonstrates weekend chit-cat about a recently observed pigeon at a  House family  household ….     …can you bear the excitement?

” photograph of Google earth camera in operation on Schrocktthehouse

google earth at home
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google ‘women’ then ‘men’

Wednesday, March 11th, 2009 | tags: ,  |

These are the search results produced by Googling    ‘Women’   and then ‘men’  on International Women’s day (8th March 2009).      

What do you (not) see?  

How much tea did I consume while  restructuring my budget for health, beauty then pregnancy and applying for a job as a naughty hot cheating chatty woman  ?


google men

google ‘women’ then ‘men’
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client error

Wednesday, March 4th, 2009 | tags: , , ,  |

Client Errorwho me?

I’m a client of Google services,

I made an error in my request,   really?   ERROR?!

I do make mistakes.    The word ‘Error’ is not one that I use to describe my mistakes.   This message is agressively accusatory and not particulalrly helpful.   Google could easily adopt a more user centric tone of voice,  less personally offensive,  if gramatically flawed,  by saying something like:

”Ooops,   Google doesn’t understand what you just did.   Can you check  to see if you made a mistake please?

I suppose I should be glad that I didn’t have to abort, kill or delete anything though I have occassionaly been caught aborting a kettle,   deleting cat-poop, and killing my laundry.     Shit like that does happen, and not by mistake.

client error
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101 Reading Wendyhome

Sunday, July 13th, 2008 | tags: , , , ,  |

Google analytics reported visitor loyalty (probably unique IP addresses?) for one week in July  2008 as significantly* BIGGER  than  during one week in January  2007.

January 2007 (July 2008)  :

  • 8 (22) visitors visited between 7 and 14 times.
  • 11 (27) visited 15-25 times.
  • 11 (21) visited 26-50 times.      
  • 0   (32) visited 51-100 times.

 Up to 29 (101)  visitors (unique IP addresses)  , other than my good-self, return frequently enough for me to assume they drop-by on a daily basis.      Out of pure, unfettered, cussedness  I am also assuming that at least half of these loyal visitors are naughty, naughty, spam-bots or or other bots of an icky nature, as opposed to pleasantly pert bots.   This assumption  still leaves me  with about 50 regular, daily, visitors who may actually be people!          


* Significance in a formal  Statistical sense identified by using Excel’s t-test function for a one-tailed, independent groups t-test that lead to the rejection  of the null hypothesis, h0, p< 0.001

 h0  ‘= there are no more people reading my blog regularly in July 2008  than in January 2007’

The result is statistically very  powerful but I have  low confidence levels in it  because of the low signal-noise ratio introduced by the way the variable (a loyal blog reading person) is operationalised (unique IP address)  that introduces a lot of noise mostly  from  bots.  

Even worse than low statistical confidence is  my  inappropriate test-selection.   Inappropriate because although the data  fulfills some of the assumtions of the independent groups t-test  e.g. parametric,    it is sufficiently naughty to potentially violate other assumptions such as truely independent groups.  

In summary,   we can probably ignore the statistical significance of the numbers because of all the non-number related issues.  

Statistical escapades put aside,  I am still convinced that  the  Wendy House  has quite a few more regular readers now than in January 2007.  

101 Reading Wendyhome
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windows support commuties are quite good

Saturday, July 12th, 2008 | tags: , , , ,  |

windows support answer to my query

No curmudgeonist moments for me today.

In less than a 24hr turnaround I got a response that was concise and useful.   I also tried to report my ‘bug’ to Google,   I couldn’t find a way to report it,   I used their ‘questions’ section and,   to my knowledge, no-one replied.  

windows support commuties are quite good
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Sunday, October 21st, 2007 | tags: , ,  |

Hoorah,   even people with typing-challenges,   such as myself, can easily find my blog using Google search.   Google also seems to know in advance that I might be interested in  a handyhome!

rate wendys scribble

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snoopers’ network locations

Monday, October 15th, 2007 | tags: , , , ,  |

My readers are perhaps just a bit geeky, um, like me,  because they are coming  from universities,    financial institutions  and the software computing industry.  

Google analytics tells me the Network locations of computers that have reqested page-loads from the wendyhome servers.   Often these network locations are clearly consumer internet service providers,   sometimes they are not.   Here are some of the Network locations that do not look like consumer internet services grouped by primary business type.


  • Microsoft Corp
  • Intel Corporation
  • IBM
  • Macafee Security
  • Research Machines plc
  • Hewlett-Packard Company
  • Cisco Systems inc
  • Opera Software asa
  • Honeywell
  • Eastman Kodak Company


  • Credit Suisse group canada
  • Fidelity Investments
  • Bloomberg Financial Market
  • Bank of America
  • Barclays Capital (UK)
  • Nat West Bank group (UK)
  • First Rand Bank


  • Cornell University
  • Purdue university
  • Leeds University (UK)
  • North Carolina State university
  • University of Brighton (UK)
  • University of Cambridge (UK)
  • University of Washington
  • Charles University

Local government

  • Wolverhampton city council (UK)
  • East Sussex local education authority (UK)
  • State of Arkansas
  • State of Minesota
  • State of Tennessee
  • Government of South Africa


  • the boeing company
  • lockheed martin corporation
  • Patrick Air Force Base
snoopers’ network locations
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Saturday, October 6th, 2007 | tags: , ,  |

According to Google analyticals I have one regular reader in Tring.   Excellent,   Good show.   The internet reaches the person in  Tring  who is curious about middle-aged  English girlies  in the Seattle region.   hooray!   Who would have guessed?!        Welcome reader from Tring,   You know who you are…..     …isn’t Tring  ‘cute’?   Oh my,   I am definitely developing Anglophile tendancies…

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visitors might not be people

Friday, May 25th, 2007 | tags: , ,  |

Blog statistics below courtesy of Google Analytics.   Google Analytics’ glossary defines visitors as:

A Visitor is a construct designed to come as close as possible to defining the number of actual, distinct people who visited a website. There is of course no way to know if two people are sharing a computer from the website’s perspective, but a good visitor-tracking system can come close to the actual number. The most accurate visitor-tracking systems generally employ cookies to maintain tallies of distinct visitors.

The method, heuristic, that Google Analytic employs to identify visitors is not detailed.  The Google Analytics graph of :: Wendy House ::  visitors  below covers a ‘normal’ calendar month and suggests that between April and May 23rd:

  • 600-ish visitors  were sent by  search engines.
  • 60-ish visitors return* several times per month.    Many friends and family are in this group.
  • 40-ish visitors return on a daily basis.   If this is ‘people’ what troopers you are! 🙂
  • 10-ish visitors, and me,  return twice a day.   Given that I regularly post only once per day 2 visits is a tad perplexing.
  • no-one visits between 101-200 times per calendar month,   how odd is that?   As odd as a snake wearing a beanie in a wheelbarrow race,   that’s how odd.
  • 100-ish visitors return over 200 times in one calendar month.   Super Snoopers!    Now thats just SILLY.   I don’t believe it.      I wonder what this number really suggests…

*return = becomes active after more than 30 minutes inactivity in the Wendy House.

visitors might not be people
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visitor loyalty last week

Saturday, February 3rd, 2007 | tags: , ,  |

Visitor loyalty,   fabulous idea!

The bar-chart below from Google Analytics shows that between 24th and 30th of January:

  • 8 visitors (probably unique IP addresses?) visited between 7 and 14 times
  • 11 visited 15-25 times, and a further
  • 11 visited 26-50 times

I’m probably one person who visited 50 times 🙂

This means that I may have 29 readers (unique IP addresses)  that return frequently enough for me to guess-timate that its probably on a daily basis.   I hope this isn’t really because their browser keeps crashing when they try to open the blog….    

Of those 29 I can make a good guess about who  9 of them are… …based on both verbal and blog comments, people I’ve met…   Based on this sample of  9 people I’ll develop a “Robin the Regular Reader” persona.     I’m not assuming that these loyal visitors are the same visitors who stay for more than 10 mins when they get here.   That’s a very rash assumption.   The kind of rash that could go all red after a   good scratching…

visitor loyalty last week
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Blog quality guidelines (part 2): Personas (US) Personae (UK)

Tuesday, January 30th, 2007 | tags: , ,  |

In this second post of a sporadic  series on blog quality I hypothesize a classification of current blog visitors using some of the  Google Analytics  statistics for :: The Wendy House::   This is my first step in developing an intended user  ‘Persona’,   Alan Cooper style, that will be used to improve your experience.   Hoorah!  

One of the many fancy displays provided by Google Analytics shows the average length of a ‘visit’ (a ‘session’):

By default in Analytics, a session is defined as the period of time during which visitors are interacting with your site and there has been inactivity for less than 30 minutes. After 30 minutes of inactivity, any further page views will be treated as a new session. Users that leave your site and return within 30 minutes will be counted as part of the original session

I’m hypothesising that the data in the graph below from 24hrs in  :: The Wendy House ::  shows 4 types of visitor*.     I’ll call them:

  1. Pat  promptly leaves:    149 visits are less than 10 seconds.
  2. Sam the speedy  scanner:   18 visitors stayed between 10 seconds and one minute.
  3. Charlie checks content: 24 people stayed between 1 and 10 minutes.   I suspect these people acutally read enough of the Blog to make a reasonably well informed estimation about the relevance of its content to them.
  4. Robin the reader:   13 visitors stay at the Wendy house for half an hour (10) or more (3)

*one person can appear in these statistics more than once,   by re-visiting.   Approximately 10% of the total site visits are return visits.

Blog quality guidelines (part 2): Personas (US) Personae (UK)
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24hrs in the :: Wendy House ::

Friday, January 26th, 2007 | tags: , ,  |

Google analytcis provides a web site statistics service that is free to websites that receive less than an obscenely large amount of clicks.   I set it up for the Wendy house and dropped by to look at the reports 24 hours later.  

It told me all sorts of things with graphs,  pie-charts, percentages. maps  and tables.More pretty data representations than you can shake a stick at.   The data can  even  be exported to Excel.    What does a peak at this data for Yesterday tell you?:

24hrs in the :: Wendy House ::
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URL pointed to the Wendy House

Sunday, December 10th, 2006 | tags: ,  |

Below I’ve copied the top of a web page, not in Excel,   from the Wendy House statistics.   It lists the top 22 URLs (Uniform Resource Locators, or URI’s, Uniform Resource Indicators?) that have requested pages from the Wendy House during November 2006.        

Speculative interpretation of the data above:

  1. The vast majority,   79% (26799/33828), of all  web-site references come from people who are already here  exploring the Wendy House  by clicking categories or  blog-referencing links within the posts.   I like this 🙂
  2. At less than 1% (327/33828) Google provides the second main source of people clicking on the Wendy House.   Adding all the google numbers together (,,,  gives a cumulative total of 327.   A substantial proportion of these references were  people looking for images.    A quick look at the search queries that bought people to this website shows they were interested in  the text and photograph in my  “High Spirited” post.    
  3. MySpace is the only Social Network that sends noticable traffic to this Blog.   4 profiles predominantly send traffic here.   2/4 profiles do this because a teenager commented on their profile including a URL to my Wendy House server stored  photograph of the High Spirited  beverage.  
    • 60 references from a 17 yr old boy in Utah.  
    • 58 references from a highly offensive-to-me female objectification for male jacking-off profile. I’ve reported it to the MySpace team  as offensive and inappropriate.      
    • 57 references from Annie, a 17yr Rhode Island  girl’s ‘private’ profile.
    • 40 references from Kate, a 17yr San Antonio girl.
  4. The remainder look like websites promoting loans, gambling and drugs that I suspect remain from when I used to allow trackbacks  (now turned-off).
URL pointed to the Wendy House
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Today’s visitors

Tuesday, February 14th, 2006 | tags: , ,  |

All came from Google variously searching for:  

3/5  searchers may well have been pleased with the results

Today’s visitors
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