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terminal breakfast

Sunday, November 22nd, 2009 | tags: , , , ,  |

Heathrow Terminal 16am Heathrow Terminal 1 is quiet.    A young couple and myself eating breakfast in the ‘Ristorante pizzeria cafe bar’.   I choose the vegetarian breakfast omelette,   testing the viability of a possible  new years resolution, it  tastes good

My day has already involved an exploding movement-sensitive light as I left the Wendy house.  It rained glass upon me.   Luckily I had my hood-up against the rain and didn’t get sprayed with glass.     In the Reading rail-air bus terminal I met an elderly Australian gent.   He looked at my fake Australian zebra skin hat with no comment while he  bemoaned the rain outside and having to visit Britain (Wales) to see his terminally ill mother.

No queues at checkin or security clearance.   SWEET

The customs officer said ‘Cairo is too far north for that hat’   We laughed

terminal breakfast
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