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Litchfield, Illinois

Friday, November 15th, 2013 | tags: , , ,  |

Ariston CafeAriston CafeAriston CafeDay 3: October 23rd

I’ve crossed the Mississippi 3 times today. The satnav instructions seem last minute, or am I thinking slowly….

One of the advantages of travelling this route out of season is the relatively empty tourist attractions, including the road itself. It doesn’t always hold true, but it did for the outstanding Ariston café in Litchfield. They gave me a guest book to sign, other guests came from all over the world. People from Finland, Australia, Italy on just one page of the very full book.

Route 66 museum Litchfield One downside is that some attractions are closed, like the 1950s style Route 66 museum opposite, and a nearby drive-in movie theatre. At least this helps me to manage my time. I’ve quickly realised that one week per state would be a more realistic time to spend exploring. I’m leaving wanting more, always a good way to leave…

Litchfield, Illinois
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Springfield, Illinois

Wednesday, November 13th, 2013 | tags: , , , ,  |

Old State Capital buildingDay 3: October 23rd

Home of President Lincoln.

Cold, windy, raining.

SpringfieldOldStateCapital (5)The woodburning stoves with long black flu’s rising into the air/walls of the old State buildings fascinated me. Somehow they didn’t seem to ‘sit well’ with the other furniture. They are definitely needed. A volunteer in the Lincoln museum talked to me about the winter snows and getting snowed in/out of her home.

Old State Capital BuildingI decided not to join the very long queue to enter the current, impressive, State capital. The locals were demonstrating in the rain with rainbow-coloured umbrellas for equal marriage rights outside the Capital. The speeches and musicians playing for the demonstration were inspiring, clear and intelligent.

I joined in.


Springfield, Illinois
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Morton, Illinois

Monday, November 11th, 2013 | tags: , , , ,  |

Investigating how to put the roof down?Day 2: October 22nd

Finally getting over my jet lag, with a little help from my friends we worked out how to get the top down on the convertible. Not a trivial problem!
Pumkin patchA day with pumpkins and corn mazes, Mexican food and wonderful home made gifts – 3 useful bags decorated with route 66 icons. I’m feeling homesick for the USA

Corn grows high, almost as high as the yellow school busses that supplied the excited children (other than me)! It looked about 8-10 foot tall.
school bus infront of corn maze

Morton, Illinois
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Chicago to Morton, Illinois

Saturday, November 9th, 2013 | tags: , , , ,  |


Day 1: October 21st

Route 66 runs alongside a major Interstate,  the I55. To the left are traintracks and telephone wires. To the right is the Interstate. The road is flat, and on  Sunday afternoon near deserted, unlike the Interstate.

IllinoisI left home at 4am UK time, I’m on the road in a (Chevy Camaro convertible) hire-car by 4pm enjoying the Illinois sunshine and autumn colours. Too tired to really take time to explore I drive to my friends home stopping only at the small town of O’Dell that calls itself a “Small town with a big heart”. It was beautiful and strangely deserted…where have all the people gone…?

On to my friends home in Morton where there was some serious barbeque preparation underway,  I learned that BBQ is very complicated and time consuming.

The local cicadas were serenading the early evening. Some  PG tips welcomed me and they found a shredded skin of a cicada for me to see what they looked like:

PG tips teabag and circada

Chicago to Morton, Illinois
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