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The tall pasty one

Tuesday, August 18th, 2015 | tags: , ,  |

Boarding the plane from Mumbai to Bangalore involved riding a bus from the terminal to the plane. A crowded bus of about 60 passengers. I was the only Caucasian person on the bus. Possibly the only person who’s family hadn’t hailed from India within the last century. A sprinkling of clearly American, and English, accents suggest that there are other people raised, or mainly living, outside India on the bus.

I’m tall!


Oh my! There are only about 10 people on this bus who are taller than me (5″6′). Goodness, I had no preconception, prejudice, that put people from India in a ‘short’ category (I do now). I┬áthink I need to wear dark sunglasses so that I look like someone famous trying to┬átravel incognito…

The tall pasty one
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