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day tripping

Monday, April 16th, 2012 | tags: , , , , ,  |

GoodiesFinnicky details like ‘not being in Durham‘ and ‘not being surrounded by Maples’ do not detract from the fabulousness of Mapledurham house (and mill, turbine, tea-rooms, village, riverside)

It is a well preserved Elizabethan building on the banks of the river Thames, a couple of miles outside Reading town. Getting there involved a 2 mile drive down a winding single-track country road bounded by 10ft ancient hedgerows. Thomas and I had to use our skills for

  • looking around corners
  • braking
  • swerving
  • reversing
  • pulling into the hedgerow, breathing-in and closing our eyes/headlamps

Actual cogs and wheels Drawings of Cogs and wheels A friend recently bought the derelict Flitwick Mill, that is mentioned in the Doomsday book (1066 AD). Looking around the Mapledurham mill gave me an insight into how the Flitwick mill might have looked and sounded. I loved the sound of the creaking cogs transferring the power of the waterwheel to the millstone.

Other highlights of the mill included the

Lots of lovely things in the actual house, staircases, wood panneling, furniture, textiles, fireplaces…..

I kept a look-out for woodcarvings or plaster mouldings of similar design to the carving on my new, old, bench.  They might help me to ‘date’ the bench. I din’t find any, I’ll keep looking….

House Front



day tripping
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cushion cover creativity

Tuesday, April 10th, 2012 | tags: , , ,  |

Ready to sew Finished bench cushion cover I kicked a bedspread into bench-cushion-cover shape during the long bank holiday weekend!

Not a trivial achievement:

  • getting all the bits to mumzie’s house (where the sewing machine lives)
  • working out how to cut-the bedspread so the patterns line-up sensibly on the cushion cover
  • threading the sewing-machine (including loading and installing the bobbin)
  • cutting the bedspread, pinning it together in the right arrangement
  • troubleshooting the elderly sewing machine idiosynchracies while putting my foot to the pedal – vrrrrrroooooom
  • clearing up the debris from the table, floor and up my not insubstantial nose
cushion cover creativity
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