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Laundry ship set to sail

Sunday, February 16th, 2014 | tags: , , , , , , , , , , ,  |

Laundry ShipAnother stormy weekend chez Wendy House.

A temporary break in the flood production system. No rain this morning.

Laundry to be washed and dried. No modern tumble-drier accessories. My laundry its catching some rare sun rays in the Wendy House wind-swept garden.

Extra ballast had been added to the ‘airer’ to prevent it attempting a take-off garden tour. Bricks.

The ships that carried lumber from Seattle to San Francisco, to build the beautiful houses there, carried stone back to Seattle as ballast to weight the ships appropriately on the return journey. The stone was used to build many of the Historic buildings in the Pioneer square area of Seattle. Awesome.

Sampo is staying in.

The RSPCA has warned that cats are likely to take-off in these strong winds. Despite her own substantial personal ballast, Sampo’s a cautious cat.

Sampo’s not risking any unplanned flights.


Laundry ship set to sail
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dont you wish you were clean like me?

Wednesday, January 23rd, 2013 | tags: , ,  |

UK style laundry dryingI can improvise a complex modern gadget while simultaneously overcoming a set of push-button controls. Yay! Take a look at my laundry ‘dryer’ and swoon with envy. Oh YES!

How does it work?

A hot water radiator warms the air in the small yet ample bathroom. My recently washed clothes hang, unsuspectingly, on an airer. Meanwhile a scented candle loiters, invading the unsuspecting laundry. It could turn into a Turkish style bathroom.

The real sneaky part in this equation is the little blue dehumidifier. It blows warm air at the laundry while attracting the moisture to condense on a couple of frozen metal plates. Genius. There are 6 different buttons on my dehumidifier – that’s more than a handful – and I’ve pushed them all! The hardest part was balancing between the roll-top bath and sink to take this picture. HA! Scented dry laundry on a rainy day in a house too small to fit a tumble dryer, and NO MILDEW!

I’m a winner!!

dont you wish you were clean like me?
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wrinkles are your friends

Tuesday, February 8th, 2011 | tags: , ,  |

wendy: can you come out to play tonight?

you: Um, actually, no, not really, I’ve got some ironing to do

wendy: I’m only in town for a couple of days, what if I come over and we talk while you iron?

you: yes, that would be nice

As I watched you dig-out a pair of socks from the avalanching mountain of fresh laundry then

  • iron each sock, first on its own, then carefully laid under its partner,
  • fold each pair at a 45 degree angle from the heal so that the foot and ankle of the sock lay neatly together
  • Iron the folded pair
  • Then place them in your small pile of finished ironing

I began to understand why you had bought me an Iron for my 25th birthday present. I had never owned and iron before, nor since. The choice of present had initially baffled me, I don’t need an iron, its a rather functional present. I had laughed and said

Oh! an Iron, I haven’t got one of those!

Good, I was worried that you might have got one

As you ironed I noticed your attention to wrinkle, your precision was impressive, you blasted them out of existence with several firm strokes then placed precision folds and creases.  You ironed shirts, jeans, sheets, teatowels, flannels, hankerchieves and underpants. Underpants! Over 3 hours you eroded the mountain to merely a substantial hill of fresh laundry.

Maybe when you look at me you see all the soft wrinkles in my clothes, maybe you needed to give me an iron. It never ceases to amaze me that we are such very close friends. I’m so glad we are.

wrinkles are your friends
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