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come to my shed and see

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Where the small-scale action happens5 years ago Bros 62 was earning big-bucks working in the marketing department of a USA cell-phone hardware component provider. He called himself an “Applications Engineer“, never really comfortable with the marketing side, what he liked to do was talk about what the electronics could achieve, how they could be used ingeniously by the purchasers. From his employers perspective that was marketing.

In 2007 Bros 62 gave it all up, downsized his home, his neighbourhood and trained to be a “Technology and Design” teacher at a state run high school. As a teacher he started making things like he used to make things as a teenager. By 2010 a workbench and numerous plastic drawers to started to fill the garage. Bros 62 looked happier, spoke faster and with more varied intonation.

Now, Bros 62 has handed in his notice of resignation. He is setting up his own business as a Luthier, something he’s been doing as a hobby. Now he’ll be able to do what he loves all day, and probably most of the night. He’ll be able to do it when he wants, probably most of the time. He should earn enough to live without significant debt now that his daughters have both left home.

I was greeted at the door by Bros 62 with a handful of copper wire:

Fine thread copper wire used in pick-upsThis is the wire they use to make the coils in pick-ups, isn’t it amazing, look how thin that is and it’s all coated in a glazing to make-sure the electricity flows round the coils. I’ve got lots of it, I’m hand coiling pickups, come to my shed and see

I followed His-puppiness to the shed. First I was shown the device he’s made for hand coiling the copper to put in the pickups. A device to hand coil. LOL! It counts the number of rotations (coils) as the user hand-feeds the copper wire onto the rotating thingy. I ask:

“Have you seen how the bobbin loader works on a sewing machine?”

Yes, some people adapt sewing machines to make pickup coils

There’s virtually no time for me to ask him clarifying questions, he’s got so much to show and tell me, and my camera keeps getting in the way…

hand made device for handcoiling coiling pick-upsI swear he opened nearly everyone of those plastic drawers to show me the contents.

Deconstructed guitars are strewn across the Shed floor and even on the studio mixing desk.  Noticing my eyeline he muses to himself

I need to work out a storage system for work in progress

I suspect that the next move will be to bring the workshop into the house – repurpose one of his daughters old bedrooms for the business.


come to my shed and see
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