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morning after pills

Saturday, April 6th, 2013 | tags: , ,  |

DadOne of the breakfast rituals that has evolved at mum and dad’s home is loading-up their daily pill portions to ensure they take the right pills at the right times and can be confident that they haven’t misremembered taking them.

This is dad’s personal container after it’s been loaded. He knows what each pill is for, what it’s called and has a system for the pill-case division. He proudly talks me through it’s contents while mum chips in occasionally with a cheerful ‘I take that one too“. They go on to compare their different pill regimes for me, why mum takes aspirin to thin her blood while dad takes warfarin, pronounced by dad as “wool for in”.

We’re competing for who takes the most, different, pills

They’re like a couple of kiddies comparing toy collections. I smile and tease them about the drug names. The size and mix of drugs in this daily dose to keep an 80 year old on track for longer life surprised me.

morning after pills
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