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Blue screen of Tinkerbell

Monday, March 6th, 2006 | tags: , , , , ,  |

I suspect Tinkerbell knows I’m planning to dump her in favour of a newer, pinker, thinner, faster companion.   She revolted and showed me her version of a BSoD. Appparantly the infamous ‘blue screen of death’ (BSoD) has several different forms.    This might be from the Hardware manufacturer,  not a real Microsoft OS blue screen.

Whatever,   its blue,  Tinkerbell died.

Hardware Malfunction - call your manufacturer

A ‘reboot‘ put  Tinkerbell in a temporarilly compliant mood.   I don’t trust her anymore.   She’s been playing up  since the shutdown  power cable meltdown incident.    A pretty Sony Viao is looking more like a good investment with every day that passes.   I want Windows Vista ‘ultimate’.    If I buy a pretty pink laptop thang before Vista is on sale I’ll have to work-out how to  ‘upgrade’ and maybe find out what a ’64 bit processor’ would give me.

More technical stuff.   YUCK!

Blue screen of Tinkerbell
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Key Bored #2

Thursday, March 2nd, 2006 | tags: , ,  |

A temporary solution to Tinkerbell’s dodgy keyboard ($19.99) is a small USB keyboard.   Matrix check’s it out over a cup of tea:

 Tinkerbell, keyboard, cat and tea

Before purchasing the keyboard I interviewed the Fry’s sales-staff about purchasing a replacement laptop.   This is what he told me:

  • The new Microsoft operating system is due out in this spring (any time now)
  • The new operating system will only really work on ’64 bit’ (what’s that?) computers so it wont be available on laptops until they standardly produce 64 bit laptops (at least another year away).
  • Advised me to buy an XP pro Fugitsu laptop ($1,599 before tax).

I checked in  with some people who work at Microsoft.   I think they said  that ‘Windows Vista’ (next Microsoft Operating System) will work on ’32 bit’ machines (errr Laptops?) and will not be in stores until after August.     Hmmmmm….    

I’ve decided to try to hold-out until September before I try and replace Tinkerbell.   The money for a temporary external keyboard seemed worth it so that I can see if their new operating system is in stores on ’32 bit’ Laptops by then….


Key Bored #2
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Linux or Windows server?

Monday, February 6th, 2006 | tags: , , ,  |

The guy from GoDaddy support was AMAZING.

Mr. Amazing…

  • giggled, knew what I wanted before I did. I do so lurve good anticiiiiiiiipaaaaaaatiooooooon
  • complimented me on the 2 web pages I’d published yesterday* and asked what software I’d used to make them (Microsoft Publisher).
  • Made purring sounds of approval
  • explained why I needed a SQL Server then confirmed that I’d successfully set one up. Explained why I might need more than one using a softly pleasing tone of voice.
  • chuckled
  • told me how to set-up ‘WordPress 2’
  • chuckled a bit more
  • Mentioned he has half a dozen “MoveableType” sites, has learned to prefer ‘WordPress 2’ when given the choice.

politely REFUSED to marry me!

A girl’s gotta try, good technical support people are a RARE find and worth their weight in gold

Evidently all my problems stemmed from having purchased a Windows web server rather than a Linux web server. Hows a girl supposed to know that? It seemed like a good guess that Windows is what I wanted, after-all, everything else I have runs on windows….and most my decisions are actually guesses. Mr. Amazing is now transferring everything on my account to Linux for me*. Sigh. do you think he’s a player?


*moving my web server account from Windows to Linux servers will take acouple of days, web pages wont be available during this time.

Linux or Windows server?
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XP The ‘Monogram of Christ’

Thursday, December 8th, 2005 | tags: , ,  |
From the NewAdvent Catholic encyclopedia  description of XP (Chi Rho) as a  symbol generally well known by European Christians:
"By the Monogram of Christ is ordinarily understood the abbreviation of Christ’s name  formed by combining the first two letters of the Greek form… …The Greek letters XP combined in a monogram occur on pre-Christian coins (e. g. the Attic tetradrachma and some coins of the Ptolemies)"
In the UK the XP symbol often adorns altercloths,   churchwall carvings,   windowglass etc.   A small informal survey of local (US NW) Christians suggests that this symbol is not well, if at all,  known here.      XP is an abbreviation of the name of Christ, God.    The King James version of the ten commandments,   #3 points out that:
"Thou shalt not take the name of the LORD thy God in vain"
Apparently Microsoft once had a project called ‘Cairo’ that never came to completion.

The greek letter X (Chi) is a potential source of the abbreviation Xmas.  

XP The ‘Monogram of Christ’
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Making lists is more fun than WAP replacement

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2005 | tags: ,  |

We’ve already established that, for me, Making lists is more fun than tidying.   Today I discovered that making lists is more fun than replacing a wireless access point   (WAP) and router within a really simple home Network.   The goodness is that Tinkerbell (Laptop)  is now securely, reliably, wirelessly, connected  to the internet via NeverLand (home network).  

What did it take to get there?

  • 1 trip to nerd heaven.
  • 3 hours from opening the new WAP box to getting Tinkerbell online wirelessly.
  • 2 phone calls to the Internet Service Provider.
  • 2 phone calls to the WAP equipment provider.
  • No beer or tears

To calm down after this unexpectedly lengthy an fur-rust-traiting experience I’ve added a picture for the voyeurs to scrutinise:

  • Dead Microsoft WAP
  • Boxed LinkSys WAP (802.11g,   and 802.11g PC card)
  • Blue ethernet cable
  • Bottle of beer
  • Bowl of grapes
  • Morrissey CD case
  • Coldplay CD case
  • Stuffed cat
  • Will
  • 4 half read books
  • Drawing kit
  • Denim hat
  • Snakeskin tights
  • Pliers
  • Mouse
  • Camera battery charger
  • pile of unsorted mail
  • sunlight on the wall


Making lists is more fun than WAP replacement
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‘OneCare’ sounds like?

Friday, September 9th, 2005 | tags: , ,  |
A well known UK swear word if pronounced with an UK English accent.  
Try it and see.
Microsoft has  released a Beta product called ‘OneCare‘ should they change the name or accept the inevitable sniggering as positive ‘word of mouth’ publicity?
Wendy not-a-‘one-care’

‘OneCare’ sounds like?
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MSN Spaces alphabetised my playlists

Sunday, July 17th, 2005 | tags: ,  |

And I’m annoyed.

I spent several evenings using WMP 10 to create 3 stories using songs.   I carefully  ordered the songs to tell the stories.

When I uploaded the playlists to MSN Spaces it decided that the songs should be ordered alphabetically.  

If you surveyed music lovers would you discover that ‘alphatetically’ ordered songs is the most popular way to arrange playing them?    

NO, no, no….    

I suspect it is the easiest way to write new code to arrange them.  

Lazy, lazy, lazy

Both MSN Spaces and WMP 10 are Microsoft products.   WMP has the code to create and maintain a song order.   Why didnt they give that code to MSN Spaces?   Why can’t they manage to be functionally equivalent?   Failing that,   they could have at least warned me not to spend the time to use one product to create a story that couldnt be maintained by another product.   A nasty suprise.  

Feedback = Poor show Microsoft, with one silly implementation decision you’ve undone a lot of thoughtful,   time consuming work on my part,

Disappointed Wendy

MSN Spaces alphabetised my playlists
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