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wanted: mom replacement

Saturday, May 13th, 2006 | tags: , ,  |

5 ‘winks’ were waiting in my inbox, from the online dating service  tonight.     About 500% my normal daily dosage of ‘winks’.    Has the impending US Mom’s day prompted the feeling of a need to find a mommy replacement?  

Synopsis of their dating profiles:

  • jb3318: 52yrs. Lives in Washington State. Lenghty profile fits my sterotype of an elderly retired ‘gentleman’.
  • badknee: 46yrs. Lives in Washington State.   Opening sentence is “well this is the hard part” the rest is evidence of quite how hard he found it.
  • rik777rio: 48yrs. Lives in Montana. Describes himself as a ‘real man’.   Lenghty profile.   No evidence of humour.
  • Greatlover424: 43. Lives in Indiana.   4 sentence profile.   Every sentence starts with a lower-case “i”
  • Farel931: 45yrs. Lives in New York,   start’s with the ever popular opener “It’s hard to describe oneself…”  , then demonstrates how hard it was.

I need to update my profile to reduce unsuitable and increase suitable approaches.   What would you suggest I include and exclude from it?

wanted: mom replacement
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