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fell into a Glen

Sunday, June 27th, 2010 | tags: , , , , , , ,  |

In less than 2 minutes I’d fallen deeply in love with a youngster, he must be all of 30yrs.  His name badge says Glen. A good name, other members of the wendy house family are called Glen, but that wont cause a problem.  Glen can solve problems.

He smiles, talks sense, makes constructive left of field suggestion, shows me diagrams, puts different phones in my hand while he uses a real pen to do some quick maths on a sheet of paper. He compares the prices of different solutions for me.  I’m totally hooked.  After this brief and productive conversation, this performance, we make a date for next Saturday. I bounce out of car phone warehouse with an abundance of teeth reflecting the hot glow of the summer sunshine.  Maybe I should propose on Saturday.  Before or after I’ve purchased something, what’s the ettiquette?

 Well done Reading town’s carphone warehouse, your staff recruitment strategy is excellent.  Looks like I’ll be dropping my service relationships with t-mobile, Orange, and BT all in one go for the ‘TalkTalk’ service that some of the Wendy House family are already using.  Hoorah

Thankyou to Happy Frog’s friend for pointing me to the carphone warehouse

fell into a Glen
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too sunny too explain

Saturday, June 26th, 2010 | tags: , , ,  |

wendy: I’d like you to sell me some sort of package that would suit me, I’ve got a pay as you go cell-phone service provided by Orange and a contract wireless mobile dongle provided by you guys.  I’d like to have a single bill to one cellular service provider that is cheaper than having a service with Orange and with t-mobile.  What can you do for me?

t-mobile sales staff (tmss): we dont buy-out contracts, you’ll have to wait until your contract with Orange runs out

wendy: I don’t have a contract with Orange,  I have pay as you go with Orange, I have a contract with you

tmss: I don’t understand, could you explain again.

wendy: (explains again, points at the t-mobile dongle in the store advertising the package I’m using to make sure the sales staff understands)

tmss: so you want a phone contract with us?

wendy: I don’t know what you offer, I want you to sell me something that enables me to have internet access from my laptop and a service to my cell phone,  please, just try and sell me something.

The sales staff still looks baffled.  There are two other potential customers standing next to him,  they’ve been watching and listening.  As I watch the sales staff look confused and fail to sell me something I feel guilty. Maybe he could sell them something.

tmss: can you explain again?

wendy: don’t worry, I give up its too sunny outside to be in here…

too sunny too explain
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customer service hung up on me

Friday, June 25th, 2010 | tags: , ,  |

answering my cell phone

Orange Operative (OO): can I speak to Mrs Wendy House

wendy: my mum doesn’t use this phone, perhaps you want to talk to me, wendy house

OO: our records say this phone is registered to a Mrs Wendy House

wendy: No-one has ever invited me to my wedding, who are you and why are you calling me?

OO: Have you changed your name?

wendy: No, who are you and why are you calling me?

OO: Are you sure?

wendy:  yes I’m sure, who are you and why are you calling me?

OO: I’m from Orange customer service and we want to get your feedback on our serive

wendy: that’s nice!  It’s been fine except for about once per month the SIM has trouble registering on the service

OO: (really long boring monologue on why they’ve been having problems with their service,  which i interrupted)

wendy: frankly,  I’m busy now and not interested in why your service is below par,  just fix it, dont explain it

OO: (clunk)


customer service hung up on me
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scribblers advance

Saturday, September 19th, 2009 | tags: , , , , , , ,  |

Thatched house

Long post warning.   Plot spoiler –   ‘The Court’ is a great place to spend a relaxing break from modern city life.

Deborah: Wendy?   Would you like a glass of wine,   a cup of tea?

Wendy:   Yes!   both please

Sunday early evening, I’ve just stepped into the Court,   a large thatched cottage in the heart of Sheepwash, North Devon.   What a wonderful welcome.   Deborah takes my bag and gives me a tour of her home while making tea, pouring two glasses of wine and finishing the ironing.

Dining roomDeborah Dooley and her family have  opened their home  to paying guests. Deborah gives subtle and caring attention  to all her guests,  making sure they have what they need, keeping the atmosphere welcoming. Guests might come to write, to hike, to take time-out from being a mum.

Sheepwash bustles at 8am in the morning.  The local shop opens it’s doors, literally.  School children chatter and scream  as they wait for the bus.  Milk is delivered,  tractors roll by and I wake from a deep sleep amidst thick white cotton sheets.

When I wander downstairs in the morning a mug of tea soon finds me.   Fresh fruit salad, cereals and  a full cooked breakfast with eggs from the hens in the garden  are served on the visitors’ book,  a table with messages scrawled from past guests.  Packed lunches are prepared for guests’ planning day trips.

My mornings are filled with workshop activities designed to improve my writing.  Whether my writing improves is up to me,  Deborah’s workshops  give fun, tactful, feedback and encouragement.

Cottage fireplaceEvenings are warmed by  a real crackling and hissing fire.    Guests recline and share stories from huge embracing sofas.  The pub across the tiny town square feels like an extension of the house, not that I’ve spent much time there because the hospitality in the Court is magnetic.

I stayed with 3 other guests,  an  Essex accountant with a detailed colourful story on any topic your care to mention and a Cambridge couple taking a Hiking holiday.  We share breakfast, dinner and evenings and mainly do our own thing during the day.  Deborah listens, thinks, then uses what she’s learned. A simple but rare combination.  An excellent combination for a hostess.

Our roomThis is not the sort of place to stay if you like all the modern conveniences available in a  multi-star  Hotel.   The Court provides a  different kind of luxury, not one that is packaged with the check-list criteria of hotel stars.

The bathroom is shared by all the guests.    None of the modern trendy en-suite nonsense.  The bath is BIG,   deep and long, surrounded by a wide selection of dissolving things that you might want to soak in.  You need to check if there is enough hot water in the tank for a bath before taking a bath.  This reminds me of  living in a house with a hotwater tank and 4 other adults, my family, coordinating use of the bath was something we learned to do without giving it a second thought.  There is an electric shower with always available hot water.  If this  breaks your idea of a cosey retreat  then maybe this isn’t the place for you.

There is a TV in one of the rooms, I have not used it.  There are no TV’s or phones in the guest bedrooms. There is a  wireless base-station hidden in the lounge which provides internet  connections. I couldn’t get cellular reception from either T-Mobile or Orange services.  If this type of thing will be a problem for you, the Court is not the place for you.  Lack of cellular service was a bonus for me.  The Court has a landline number that I gave  to the  neighbour looking after my fluffballs and thankfully  she had no reason to call.

My experience is a warm friendly, active, family home full of people that respect each other.  The atmosphere and attitude of  the place and people made my stay interesting and welcoming. This is a very pleasant change from the benefits of living alone. I’ll definitley be visiting again.

scribblers advance
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phone damage mitigation

Friday, September 12th, 2008 | tags: , , , ,  |

Orange phone store customersThe day after laundering my phone I trundled along to the Orange store where I loitered with the other customers who stood and waited. I listened to a lady being  attended  get gradually more agitated with the assistant as she learned that the assistant could not retrieve her phone contacts

but those are my business contacts’

The assistant frowned,    her companion  said they could try and use the home computer to try and retrieve the contacts from the SIM.   She appeared inconsolable,   her voice gradually raising as she made it clear that she had no back-up of these vital contact numbers,  no way of even telling people that she had lost their numbers.   Tension, amongst those who only stood and waited, grew.      

As time passed the bald fellow in black  gradually became more agitated, shifting his weight, checking his watch, glaring at the busy assistants. After about 10 minutes a new  assistant joined the beleaguered pair on the floor.   She looked at me stood by the desk and I pointed her to the bald man in black.   An inaudible conversation between them, lasted less than a minute before I heard him loudly announce

“you clearly aren’t interested in what I have to say so I’m going elsewhere”  

He marched out of the store, the assistant stood watching him for a moment then came over  to me.  She was clearly upset…

Assitant:that was so embarrassing, he said I was spaced-out, that I wasn’t listening to him,   that I wasn’t even trying to help, he was so rude.

Wendy: he’d been waiting a very long time.   We all have.

Assistant: but that doesn’t give him the right to be rude to me.

Wendy: no. it doesn’t.

Assistant:   (continues to enumerate all the ways that the bald man had treated her inappropriately while she tests my SIM in another phone and finds me a cheap replacement and back-up phone)

I left happy,   SIM intact,    cheap-new phone,   my phone numbers previously backed-up on Darling and my work-supplied computer.   There are times when tendancies towards geekyness make my life so much easier than those people who have not ventured into the pain that can be involved insynchronising their phone contents  with their computers

phone damage mitigation
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