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Devils Elbow MO (13)Devils Elbow MO (4)Day 4: October 24th

Driving through the Ozarks was like driving through the Wye Valley. Gentle, rolling, tree covered hills with rocky outcrops and winding rivers. Incredibly beautiful. I wanted to take a couple of days break to just hike along the rivers and through the forests. Warm sunshine and autumn foliage, a fabulous combination.

Learning for next time: plan at least one day not-driving to hike in the Ozarks

This river bend is called the “The Devil’s elbow”. The road was ‘closed’ so I walked over the bridge. Several local(?) drivers ignored the ‘road closed’ sign and drove over the bridge while I walked it. The whole bridge shook and freaked as if the Devil’s elbow had a very bad case of arthritis.

Missouri Hicks BBQ Cuba MO (9)Missouri Hicks BBQ Cuba MO (6) I stopped at Cuba for my first and um, last, genuine local BBQ. The flavour is very strong, rich, overwhelming. I couldn’t finish this BBQ filled baked potatoes.

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home delivery

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House in the road (5)  House in the road (7)  House in the road (3)

Day 4: October 24th

Mobile homes are not just caravans and RVs.

They are much more substantial here in the USA. People quite literally have their houses and house extensions delivered.

Very convenient!

home delivery
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