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trying. trying. trying. trying. trying. trying. trying. success…phew

Friday, August 2nd, 2013 | tags: , , ,  |

After an inordinate number of attempts I managed to connect to my home wireless and add my gmail and Hotmail accounts to the iPhone. With each attempt I paid more attention to my tapping, typing, accuracy. The phone doesn’t reveal the passwords for a full visual check, I watched each key-tap to make sure the immediate visual feedback confirmed that I’d tapped the key that I actually intended to tap. After 3 or 4 attempts I was 100% confident that I was providing the right passwords. On average I miss-typed one character in 8. Normally miss-typed characters were on the left hand edge of the keypad. I don’t have overly large fingers. But some of the failure attempts appeared to be with the right password entered. It was impossible to predict when accurate password entry would succeed or fail. Craziness!

Each success was a major relief followed by downing numerous cups of tea from a well brewed pot.  Sheer persistence together with focus on my finger movements paid-off. An unnecessarily time consuming, effort consuming and frustrating experience. Both my previous phones connected first time. If they can work effectively for me then Apple should be able to work first time too.

Problems with the iPhone:

  • Key pad character target area too small or sensitive, compared to HTC Android or Nokia Lumia 830
  • Unreliable connection technology compared to HTC and Nokia

HTC Desire, Nokia Lumia 800, iPhone 5The hardware is beautifully styled, I do like looking at it and holding it, more than the other phones. I’m so superficial that the effect of the styling is incredibly strong. Apple have got the ‘desirability’ and some ‘delight’ in use as part of the user experience beautifully executed, but they’ve seriously under-delivered on usability in so many ways. It’s interesting how forgivable the inefficient usability is, given the desirability and delight.

trying. trying. trying. trying. trying. trying. trying. success…phew
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you can’t go back. go home and start again

Monday, July 29th, 2013 | tags: , , , , , , , , , ,  |

<RANT WARNING – Apple fanboys, and people who love positivity should leave now>

Over the last 3 years I’ve been lucky(?) enough to have 3 different smart phones as my main phone:

HTC Desire, Nokia Lumia 800, iPhone5
HTC Desire, Nokia Lumia 800, iPhone 5

I’m very disappointed with the iPhone5. I want to revert to the Nokia. I was unimpressed by the Nokia but not to the extent that I wanted to give up using it within the week.

The reasons I dislike the iPhone would all be easily uncovered by usability testing with new users, so why do they STILL exist in version 5? Doesn’t Apple test it’s products with people switching from other smart phones? Maybe Apple doesn’t know because it doesn’t bother to test, maybe it knows but doesn’t think they’re worth fixing?

The problems I’m encountering are the sort of thing that should have been fixed by version 2, or for Microsoft – version 3. if the company prioritised input from users other than Apple fan boys who appear to live in a world that lacks perspective.  My 5 main problems were discovered within the first hour of using the iPhone:

  1. No ‘back’ control – you have to go to ‘home’ and then navigate forward to where you were. Android has a hardware back button and Windows has a software back button. All the browsers I’ve ever used have got a back button. You never have to ‘start again’.  Arrrghhhhhhh! It’s hellishly inefficient and irritating. It affects virtually everything I want to do on the phone unless the app provider has included either an ever-present software back button or easy in-App navigation. Apple has effectively offloaded the overhead of designing good navigation to App providers which will result in diverse navigation methods, more effort for the user to learn them. That’s not good.
  2. No service detected. OH MY GOODNESS! After putting in the SIM card, there was no service. I first assumed that I’d put the SIM card in the wrong way.  As soon as I removed the SIM the phone said ‘No SIM detected’. So the problem wasn’t with the SIM placement. I rebooted the phone. SIGH. No service. I showed the phone to a local, patient and peppy, Apple fanboy, who used his psychic Apple-fix-it skills and called my number. MAGIC. It wasn’t displaying that it could receive a signal, yet the phone rang and I was able to answer it! Bizarreness. The service signal strength was now showing on the phone. Unreliable OS messaging of hardware capabilities? That is, the hardware had detected a service but the Apple display hadn’t been updated to show this. What were the Apple test team doing when they set up tests that would let a product with this problem get released? Over the next few days I soon got into the habit of using my Windows Nokia phone (same service provider) to call my i-Phone so that the display would update to show the service signal.  HOW CRAP IS THAT?! More than a double face-palm. I tried a more traditional technique to get the signal to display – rebooting the phone. SIGH. The irritating thing about rebooting the phone to get a service signal is that I have to login to my iApple account again (see problem 3 below), and then the service signal isn’t always re-displayed.  I’ve tried shaking the phone and wandering around the office space. More out of desperation and frustration.CLEAN UP FOR GOODNESS SAKE!
  3. ALL CAPS LETTERS ONLY on the keyboard display, even when you’re typing in lower-case! Really poor visual feedback on what case to expect the keyboard to produce. I use a lot of passwords where there is a requirement for UPPER CASE letters and only a temporary view of the typed letter before it turns into a dot.  This meant that not being able to ‘see’, by looking at the keyboard,  which CASE the letter is going to be typed in was a pain. I had to look at the shift key, which has only a subtle ‘brightness’ contrast change and is covered by my finger that’s pressing it.  Lack of this feedback results in my having to be more careful entering passwords, and have to retype passwords more frequently.  My ‘new’ Apple ID had to be reset 3 times because I couldn’t work out if I’d miss-typed the ID or just tried to enter the wrong ID.  When creating the new password using “I-Forgot” – blame me why don’t you! – I got more “Passwords don’t match” messages than on any other phone I’ve used.  This is an easy OS software change, why haven’t Apple bothered to fix this obvious usability problem?
  4. Not connecting to my home wireless.  I’ve tried about 8 times. The phone can detect my wireless and offers me a password entry field.  I’ve retyped and retyped the network key but for some inexplicable reason the phone is unable to join this network and wont even hint at why. Just tells me it’s failed. At least it takes responsibility for this failure.
  5. No CAPS LOCK. Both Android and Windows have good simple software solutions for this behaviour, which I’d learnt. An Apple fan boy explained to me that I should keep one finger on shift and type the letters with a different finger.  No problem from his perspective. Another Apple fan boy told me a double-tap acts as shift-lock and that she only found out how to use her iPhone with multiple lessons from her daughter. This is only a miner discovery detail, but when added to the other issues for someone trying an iPhone after having used Android or Windows OS’s, it’s yet another poor design feature that implies lack of user-care by the OS development team.

HTC Desire, Nokia Lumia 800, iPhone5From my perspective the Apple iPhone OS behaviour is clearly less elegant with more user effort overhead than both Android and Windows. I’m surprised, I expected to love it.

Pish and Tush

<RANT TEMPORARILY ON HOLD- I suspect there will be more…>

you can’t go back. go home and start again
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unpackaging pleasure

Tuesday, April 2nd, 2013 | tags: , ,  |

the box the phone arrived in slide open the box - the phone! 2 boxes under the phone charger,cable & earphones Blutooth pairing and connectig - easy! Bluetooth contact transfer - ZOOM who are these people?

I’m loving the colourful and smooth experience of unpacking my Nokia Lumia 800.  I’ve unpacked it and repacked it several times.

It came pre-powered-up, quickly (Bluetooth) paired with my old phone and ‘people’ transferred. Yummy! When the new SIM arrived my classic self used it to make some phone calls! I wonder where all the anonymous people in the phonebook came from….

wendy: I love my new phone, it works!

Apple fanboy: Only a Microsoft user would feel that way just because it worked

unpackaging pleasure
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Sunday, March 17th, 2013 | tags: ,  |

blue eyes and dark skin toneIn my phone service provider’s high street store, the helpful assistant explained they could swap my normal sized SIM (current phone) to a mini SIM (Nokia Lumia), just not in the store….

wendy: your eyes are really beautiful,  are they….um…

assistant: they’re real, they’re mine

The assistant probably hears clumsy comments like that a lot…..

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Thursday, March 14th, 2013 | tags: ,  |

£159 for a blue SIM free Nokia Lumia 800?

Sold!  (or should that be ‘Bought’!)

Now if it had been pink, my girl-pounds would have stayed in my wallet. I have my standards to keep up!

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caught short?

Monday, May 19th, 2008 | tags: , , , ,  |

Not ‘are you apprehended by the police for the ghastly crime of insufficient height’ but another clever  euphemism for wanting to go to the toilet.   The city of Westminster has signs to help you out with clever stick-people designs to illustrate the problem for those people who don’t understand the idiom ‘caught short’.     My favourite part of the sign is the invitation to text toilet,   for a toilet.    Hoorah,   no euphemisims there just send a text saying what you need,   effectively the bottom-line…

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BT call centre operative said..

Friday, March 14th, 2008 | tags: ,  |

I’m just going to put you on hold while  I reboot my computer,   it will be quicker

I fell off my chair with stomach rippling laughter.   Clearly I’d misinterpretted the true meaning of  ‘hold’

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either dont know or 7 or 8

Sunday, November 18th, 2007 | tags: , , , ,  |

Wendy:   “is it 7 or 8pm here?”   (in the UK implied)

Lady In Pub (LIP): “that’s alright,   don’t worry,   I forget too,   it could be either”

LIP bobbed down at the knees while she said this ducking her head then throwing a swathe of thick black hair away from her face.     As if this action might clear her mind.   It was almost like a curtsey and made me feel like a princess.

Her polite engaging  way left me smiling.   I thanked her for the advice and wondered whether she meant:

– either time is ok

– she, like me,   doesn’t know which time it is

I adjusted my local-time phone settings to  7pm, hoping to spin-out the pleasant evening.

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