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Wednesday, June 6th, 2012 | tags: , ,  |

I’ve been a tad off-colour recently and will be for a while to come. Posting in the wendy house might get somewhat unreliable and possibly even influenced by drugs of the NHS supplied variety. Riverside WalkIn the meantime here’s a view from a sedate 6 mile ramble that I managed to tackle this weekend.  I managed the whole affair without

  • falling into the river Thames – seen on the left behind the undergrowth
  • tripping-up the unsuspecting hot, heaviliy breathing, joggers
  • pinching the pert seat of a couple of rather lythe looking joggers
  • puking at the outrageously soppy romantic twaddle some people are wont to generate within earshot of a wendy
  • skidding in Canadian goose-poop
  • taking oodles of rest-stops and snoozes



sporadic posting
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