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Chicago to Morton, Illinois

Saturday, November 9th, 2013 | tags: , , , ,  |


Day 1: October 21st

Route 66 runs alongside a major Interstate,  the I55. To the left are traintracks and telephone wires. To the right is the Interstate. The road is flat, and on  Sunday afternoon near deserted, unlike the Interstate.

IllinoisI left home at 4am UK time, I’m on the road in a (Chevy Camaro convertible) hire-car by 4pm enjoying the Illinois sunshine and autumn colours. Too tired to really take time to explore I drive to my friends home stopping only at the small town of O’Dell that calls itself a “Small town with a big heart”. It was beautiful and strangely deserted…where have all the people gone…?

On to my friends home in Morton where there was some serious barbeque preparation underway,  I learned that BBQ is very complicated and time consuming.

The local cicadas were serenading the early evening. Some  PG tips welcomed me and they found a shredded skin of a cicada for me to see what they looked like:

PG tips teabag and circada

Chicago to Morton, Illinois
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multi-tasking processor fuse blown

Saturday, October 26th, 2013 | tags: , ,  |

watertowerApparently, I can’t write remotely readable blog posts while I’m on a road trip. Hopefully I’ll remember the details when I get back and start posting again in Mid-November.

Meanwhile, route 66 photo set on Flickr is expanding on a daily basis. Please ask questions about any photographs that baffle you. For example,

  • these are twin towers, but not THE twin towers
  • that is the sun behind the cloud
  • this is arriving in Amarillo, Texas
  • that is the bonnet of the sports car I’m driving (of course I’m parked to take this photograph…)

Cheerio for now…


multi-tasking processor fuse blown
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