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Thursday, September 5th, 2013 | tags: , , ,  |

Eastbourne life guardsKevin and Wayne enjoy the rare rays of the August bank holiday. Eastbourne is buzzing, um, humming, um singly-rubbing with the laughter of cost-courting┬ácouples and the plunk-plunk of walking sticks. Kevin and Wayne aren’t expecting a rush of water-based emergencies, few people can make their way successfully across the shingle to even reach the waterfront.

Kevin meant to bring his study notes to the beach, but what the heck, this is his summer holiday, watching the sky is a good way to get beer money for the term. At least he’s not stuck in the kitchen’s of Wetherspoons – a living he’ll on earth. No one warned him that student life was about being a servant class for 3 years before struggling for a job. Now, this is the life, outside enjoying the world go by.

The black clouds are gathering. Cunning visitors have been using outsized umbrellas as walking sticks. No-one will be put off by a short or long downpour. This is their holiday and they WILL enjoy it.

English channel watch
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