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9 ways to deal with Seattle snow

Tuesday, November 28th, 2006 | tags: , , ,  |

The authorities do not ‘Grit’ or salt the roads in Seattle.   No local government provided roadside grit bins.   I’m told they do provide sand but as far as I can tell it’s not stored at known troublespots.     Apparantly, drivers have to rely on other means to reduce the impact of slippiness.     Here’s a list of strategies I’ve observed in the last 24 hours:

  1. heavy metal:  4 wheel drive SUVs  with chains  and/or studded tyres.   I watched a lady smoking a fag in a   Mall car-park yesterday while a ‘cashiers clerk’ (packs shoppers bags for them) put the chains on her stonking-big SUV.  
  2. cat litter:   several people I know carry bags of cat-litter in their car boot,   just incase they need some traction in an emergency.  
  3. abandon ship: abandon your car here, anywhere,   well perhaps aim at the side of ther oad.  Pressumably  these people get a lift from somone with an SUV.
  4. Mall camp:   drive to the nearest strip-mall with a 24hr store.   There are lots of them.   Park,   then wait for the weather to thaw.
  5. hermit:   stay indoors (popular choice).
  6. truant:   claim being stranded then go skiing (another popular choice).
  7. speed: put your foot on the accelerator to get up that slippy hill  (I kid you not,   I saw several people trying this on slopes).
  8. wiggle:   wiggle the steering-wheel around to try and regain control when in a skid (seriously,   I saw this happen to more than one driver)
  9. attack: get out of your car and kick the tyres (uhu,   you guessed it,   I saw somone do this after having wiggled his steering wheel and spun his tyres)

 Now excuse me for a while,  I’ve got some serious falling over to be getting on with,    outside into the pretty slippy world… …oooOOOOooooo….

9 ways to deal with Seattle snow
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charged <----> drained

Monday, February 20th, 2006 | tags: , , ,  |

In less than 15 mins. LooSea’s battery spontaneously drained while I stopped in the fridge.  

Two wonderful Hispanic men rescued me.

They were fortunate enough to have parked next to LooSea. Their English was better than my Spanish.   Extremely limited.   I pointed at my jump leads, opened the bonnet, and asked if they could help me.   They giggled a bit. Pointed at their car and said “Avis” as I passed them the other end of the leads.  

Is LooSea telling me something? will she start for me tomorrow?  I’m feeling battery-power-challenged at the moment.  


This generous behaviour warranted a proposal.   I didn’t propose because  I haven’t yet purchased a ring to demonstrate my sincerity and commitment to proposees.

charged <----> drained
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Snow Lake

Monday, July 4th, 2005 | tags: ,  |

Snow Lake is at the end of a 4 mile hike from Snoqualmie pass (Alpentol) into the Alpine Lake region. The gentle hike was a fabulous way to spend a sunny 3rd July. The scenery and light were exquisit.

The hike was busy, as you pass people you catch teasing snippits of their conversations:

“…I must get a new heart…”

“… I’m not interested in dating…”

“…so you use a VPN from home?…”

“…we can catch a boat from Vladivostoc…”

The mosquitos by the lake were numerous. I took way too many photographs.  This is  my favourite:


Snow Lake
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Kayaking: Port Susan

Saturday, February 5th, 2005 | tags: , , ,  |

Waking at 7am. What is that?

Looking at the gray overcast skies. Fighting the urge to “Bail-out” before even getting out of bed.

Driving to Port Susan I passed a multi-car pile-up in the snow on the I5. What am I doing? Am I crazy? Its the first week in February and I paid to be go out on the water? Am I completely bonkers?

As I pulled into the meeting point the Hail stones pounded my warm car. I want to stay in my car. Surely the trip will be canceled and I wont have to Bail? It’s not canceled. I must be ever-so-slightly not-quite-sane.

The sun sneaked out as we unloaded the Kayaks. Maybe this wasn’t such a wacky idea.   In the end no-one balied, tired and happy we wendy’d our ways home….

Sweet Silvery Dreams Wendy xxx

Kayaking: Port Susan
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