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Tuesday, October 27th, 2009 | tags: ,  |

Soap episode 3

Jill: you SLEPT with Andy?!!!
Gail:   well,   yes,   errr, no,   well sort of,   not exactly..   …um I did fall asleep

Jill: in the Stud’s bed?
Gail:   ON his bed

Jill: and where was he?
Gail: he was asleep under the duvet,   I was on top at the foot of the bed

Jill: on top?   of the Duvet?   did you have any clothes on?
Gail:  completely clothed,   hat and all

Jill: did he have anyhting on?
Gail: um,   some,   he definitiely had a blue paisley brushed-cotton pyjamma top that was unbuttoned and a hot water bottle with an elephant cover peeking out from the Duvet on his  tummy but I don’t really know what was going on under the duvet,   I just didn’t go there.  

Jill: why not?
Gail: look,   it was really embarressing,   I went round for a chat and some tea and ended up falling asleep.  

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Tuesday, October 20th, 2009 | tags: ,  |

Soap episode 2

Gail: Hiya Andy,   can I drop by now for a couple of hours,    you can ply me with mugs of tea
Andy:   Hello Gail,   yeah, you’re welcome,  but I should warn you that I  have  a bad cold  

Gail: Oh,   do you want me to ply you with tea,   lemsips and read the Sunday papers aloud?
Andy:    Oh yes please,  if you don’t mind my being in bed, sneezing and snoozing

Gail: Stud! Can I tell people I spent Sunday morning in your bedroom,   with you in bed.    I know some girls who will simply die with envy when they hear
Andy: Sure.   you must tell me about these girls so that I can  earn the title – Stud

Gail: No-can-tell, I was made to promise,   you’ll have to sniff them out yourself
Andy: Come on over now,  help do some sniffing

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after school

Tuesday, October 13th, 2009 | tags: , , ,  |

Jill: do you think he’s handsome?
Gail:   Handsome isn’t quite the word I’d use,   cute, good looking,   cheeky,   maybe.   Those dimples, pale green eyes and tight perky bum are a class above the other boys

Jill: is he your boyfriend?
Gail:   NO! Why d’you think that?

Jill: Well,   I saw you holding hands and you’re always hanging-out together after school
Gail: no,   he’s just a friend, I keep thinking I should fancy him,   what with him being so pretty and all,   but I don’t…   …don’t know why

Jill: are you gay?
Gail:  don’t think so, I don’t fancy any girls

Jill: do you fancy any boys?
Gail: no.   It’s  really disappointing,   I keep hoping that it’s just because I haven’t met the right boy yet,   but how many boys do you have to meet?   Everyone else seems to find people to go out with and  snog in the corridors.  

Jill: what about Andy?   He’s nice, tall, funny  and clever, there’s a whole load of girls want to go out with him,   you sit next to him in maths and history  and you go round his place after class, some of the girls are really jealous
Gail: Really?!    He’d love to know that,   can I tell him?  

Jill: NO!   way-too embarassin’
Gail: You too?!     Why can’t I see it, whatever it is that he has that you all fancy

after school
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