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green day

Wednesday, May 30th, 2012 | tags: ,  |

The settingWhat an amazing setting for a wedding ceremony and celebration. All in one, with pony rides, petting farm, tug of war along  the isle of trees that, earlier, the bride walked down. Bonfire and fireworks in the evening. It was a truely fairytale event without rain and with many stylish guests.

lively dancing


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raising a smile

Saturday, May 26th, 2012 | tags: , , ,  |

quaint street in FromeOn the way to the wedding I took a rest break in the cute town of ‘Frome’ pronounced Froooooooom sounds like vroooooom

As I walked down the aptly named ‘Stoney Street’ a lady wearing a pink tailored jacket, a flared skirt and 2 inch heal court shoes looked at my kilt, covered her mouth with her hand,¬† smiled then turned her face away from me. I suspect that was a full laugh out loud

Bringing such a smile to people’s faces felt good, I raised my shoulders and accentuated the swing of my hips to highlight the swing of the kilt

In every small street shop that I went into someone remarked on my kilt, with a big smile on their face. Mostly they said really nice things

When clothes that I like bring a smile to other peoples face and encourage them to say nice things to me, I know I’m onto a winner

The kilt stays, it may even get a partner….


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