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Sylvac bunny 990

Sunday, January 24th, 2016 | tags: , , ,  |

Untitled What can you tell me about these two Sylvac bunnies?

They appear to be the same shape, very similar moulds. The markings on the base are similar to other bunnies that I have and look authentic.

The colours are slightly different, the glaze appears slightly different.

The most notable difference is the pattern of the fur. One bunny has regular lines, the other has a more twisty layout of fur. Look at the outside of the ears…

Are they both Sylvac from different production periods?


Sylvac bunny 990
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Sylvac doggies?

Sunday, January 16th, 2011 | tags: ,  |

Since January 2007 the post I scribbled in 2005 on Sylvac bunnies has been seen by 906 people across 1237 visits to the wendy house. Only 5 other scribbles have more visitors. Unlike the top 5 scribbles all the traffic for the Sylvac Bunny scribble comes from search engines rather than referal links. It’s popular because of its content alone rather than the popularity of the people that link to it.

Sometimes the visitors leave comments asking me questions that I am unable to answer. Its wonderful to see other visitors then drop by and answer those questions. People send me photographs of their bunnies, and one person sent me photographs of his 2 Doggies.

Can anyone here answer Gerald’s questions about his doggies? Gerald writes:

This Turquoise Dog …say 7 1/4″ or 7 1/2″ High is a puzzle and i have not been able to pin down …if Price Company or Sylvac or who made it. this would be fun to find out!

Sylvac dog Sylvac dog

Here are pictures of Gerald’s doggies, click on the photograph to see a larger version hosted on flickr.

Sylvac dog

Looking at the Denman’s auction site, where verified Sylvac doggies are photographed for sale, we can see that Sylvac produced a broad range of designs and colours.

his Turquoise Dog …say 7 1/4″ or 7 1/2″ High is a puzzle and i have not been able to pin down …if Price Company or Sylvac or who made it. this would be fun to find out.

Sylvac doggie credentials

My one Sylvac doggie is approximately the same size with a couple of damaged legs, a less glossy glaze and very clear model number and manfuacturers stamp on the base. Sylvac doggie

On the day I looked at Denman’s auction site my doggie was on the lists but Gerald’s model was not… …what does it mean? Can you help us?

Sylvac doggies?
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family house

Wednesday, October 22nd, 2008 | tags: , ,  |

A family of biddies and the bunnies (SylvaC).   I really must put a cap on the bunny habit,   before I am lured into the church of the cosmic bunny,   or the odd hare that creeps  in  for a quick box while gazing at the moon.  

Biddies and Bunnies

family house
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SylvaC Bunnies

Thursday, March 31st, 2005 | tags: , , ,  |

Introducing Sylvac specialist Chris Bateson:

I have collected sylvac for over 20 years and during this time have come across many finishes and colour variants. I am also good at spotting fakes, sadly there a quite a few of these about now.
Happy to answer any questions I will try and send you some photos of the more unusual colours in due course. I am looking now for just a few bunnies in the rarer colours to make up sets.
There were 8 sizes of rabbit in the early colours but from late 50s onwards this was reduced to just 5
Mould 1027 ceased in the 1940s. The 1400 tiny, 1065 and 1027 were not made in the later colours like primrose yellow, torquoise, gloss burnt orange,purple and mustard yellow
contact me at:

Wendy’s original geeky-ish scribble:

These original mold SylvaC Bunnies were produced Circa 1930 (thru to 1970). There are many ‘fakes’ on the Market judging by e-bay listings of what counts as a SylvaC bunny. A lot of the sellers don’t appear to know the legitimate mold numbers or the original colour-schemes. It is easy for someone with a copy of the original catalog (me) to spot the fakes.

A lot of buyers don’t appear to realize that SylvaC ceased trading in 1982. In the 1970’s SylvaC introduced a line of gloss-glazed rabbits and some new molds. I’ve seen sellers have either accidentally or knowingly misrepresented a post-1970 Bunny as Vintage. Maybe post 1970 is vintage?

The fakes are actually quite interesting in their own right. I’m thinking of extending my collecting strategy to explicitly collect the fakes. Provenance of the fakes is more difficult to trace. That makes them intriguing.

A catalog entry:

So cute!

All my bunnies have at least one partner except the big blue one,   1028. The big blue bunny was owned by my grandmother. It was searching for a partner for this one that kick started my collection. They are so cute!. But big blue is still in the company of all the little-ones and no partner

According to one e-bay advertisement Mould #1027 was only in use up to 1940… building of rumours and legends online…

Sweet bunny-hopping dreams

SylvaC collection


SylvaC Bunnies
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