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nearby seaside

Wednesday, August 11th, 2010 | tags: , , ,  |

why I love England #14:  nearby seaside

when you live on a small Island, small like Britain, everywhere is near the sea. The furthest place from the sea in Birtian is only 70 mile away. Sea birds, like these guls in Tiverton, can be seen all over the Island. English people on the island grow up with the seaside only a day trip away.

I love day trips to the seaside.

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getting the foundations right

Sunday, July 11th, 2010 | tags: , , ,  |

Back in the 1990’s I had developed a strong brand loyalty to Sloggi because they produced comfortable, outdoor activity sypporting, stylish, white, underwear.  Sloggi underwear wasn’t cheap but it lasted, it maintained it’s strength and looks.  Sloggi products were sold in  good department stores, the quality town stores.  Stores like Reading town’s Jackson’s.  I had no problem finding Sloggi underwear on the rare occasion I needed to purchase new stuff.

When I lived in the NW US, the quality department stores such as Nordstrum didn’t sell Sloggi.  In a recklessly adveturess streak I branched out into local underwear brands, Victoria Secrets. Nothing special, mass produced femininity. My underwear draw went pink and everso slightly twee.

In Tiverton I picked up my first Sloggi’s since 2000.  They feel and look good.  Back to my favourite high quality foundations…

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suicide banker

Thursday, July 8th, 2010 | tags: , , , , ,  |

On the wall of a shop.

A small graffiti image in the style of Banksy shows a man holding a gun to his head.

The image is near where Woolworth’s used to be.  The Woolworth’s site still unoccupied in the centre of town.  In the other direction a bank has been converted into a pub, called ‘The Bank’.


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rose motif coffin

Wednesday, July 7th, 2010 | tags: ,  |

The south west of England, Devon and Cornwall, attracts many very talented artists who ply thier wares in craft stalls, markets, barns and sheds.

This artiste has taken box-painting to the edge of the mortal coil.  With a pleasant pastel green coffin sporting a cottage-style rose motif on top and as a base-side border.  The artist made me smile and think of burial in new ways.

Excellent work!

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gandolf’s gnashers

Tuesday, July 6th, 2010 | tags: , , , ,  |

The graffiti of Tiverton shows the local religious practices.

The Wzards of Tiv breed a rare form of magic moth known as the gizajob.  To keep the moth pupae both moist and warm they weave the pupae into their beard just below their nose where it cunningly covers their mouth. Luckily its not currently the breeding season, though I did see many wizards with appropriately sized beards.

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foundation garment shortage

Monday, July 5th, 2010 | tags: , , , , , , ,  |

In Reading town its Jacksons

In Tiverton town its Banbury’s

A family run store, named after the family.  Selling everything in tiny departments on split-level floors arranged with a maze-like series of turns and staircases. These stores are Tardis-like, seeming small from the outside then corridor after staircase after turn they get larger and larger.  The staff are normally experienced people with well structured hairstyles or quirky youngters. All are personable.  When leaving the Wendy house this morning I was in the middle of scat-fest.  Things I forgot to bring with my included, pants, watch,  tops to wear.  Banbury’s was just the place to temporarily solve my foundation garment shortage

While searching for the cleverly hidden underware department I stumbles across a Linen top with a print reminiscent of the fabulous Finnish Marimekko Unnikko print.  Yummy.

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