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it’s a white wash!

Sunday, March 11th, 2012 | tags: , ,  |

the white washThere’s no story

Everyone is keeping stum!

There’s been a very effective whitewash at the wendy house, even the bastards at News International can’t tap into the story

it’s a white wash!
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still raving about my washing machine

Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011 | tags: , ,  |

While estolling the virtues of my fabulous new washing machine a local German said

Have you heard of Miele? They’re a German company, they make the best washing machines

wendy: YES!

The Wendy House in the USA came with its own, new Washing Machine. No photograph and I can only vaguely remember it. It was a GE toploader. A big ugly thing with only 3 dials as control, each with 3 settings, I think they were

  • load size (small, medium, large)
  • temperature (cool, medium, hot)
  • spin speed (slow, medium, fast)

Simple design, not much room for making a mistake. Nothing to indicate temperature in a manner that could map to the labels put on clothes, no indication of wash-time, or cycle time. It did have a buzzer alarm that rang when it had finished.

I didn’t feel proud of it, it didn’t feel good to use, I took no pride in my laundry. Blugh. It worked and was very reliable. It lasted all 7 years that I lived in the USA without a hiccup, so I never had an excuse to replace it. But I suspect you know that I missed my European washing machine.

still raving about my washing machine
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knobs and dials

Tuesday, February 1st, 2011 | tags: ,  |

MieleThe 2 weeks of laundry build-up, while waiting for my magnificent Miele, has been dealt with quietly, quickly, with economic water consumption. The water-supply to my home is on a meter, I pay for the water that I use so the intelligent water-usage by the Miele will save me pennies and maybe pounds.

The Miele is not beautiful in the modern sense of gentle curves, stylish coloured fonts, innovative control layout. To me it looks ‘retro’ with its simple controls

  • a clearly labeled dial-knob to select a wash based on water-temperature that maps to the temperatures placed on clothes-labels. Material types are suggested by temperature settings
  • clearly labeled buttons for on/off, start, and to toggle through spin options
  • Clear grouping of these controls and displays
  • A light flashes next to the start button when I’ve selected a wash and closed the door – enticing me to press start
  • A light displays the stage of the wash-cycle telling me what is happening now
  • A digital clock counts down the time to the wash being completed
  • The door is almost as big as the drum-size enabling me to put stuff in and pull it out easily

From looking at the controls, and conducting several washes the only thing I haven’t discovered is whether there is a time to delay wash start. Looks like I’ll have to check the user manual. Doh. At least I got my immediate gratification from the knobs, dials, buttons and flashing lights. Sigh.

A quick review of the text-heavy, picture-light, user manual shows that it doesn’t have a delayed-start timing function. This explains why I couldn’t work out how to use a delay start timer from merely twiddling the knobs and dials.

knobs and dials
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buying manufacturers ethos

Sunday, January 30th, 2011 | tags: , , , ,  |

Two men from John Lewis’ electricals (JLE) arrived to take away my defuncted Indesit and replace it with a magnificent miele. Miele’s company slogan is ‘Forever Better’ they build products to last and provide better user experiences. They pass-on the cost of achieving this goal to their customers.  I’d rather not have to replace a washing machine several times in a decade. This machine should last me several decades. Awesome!

The men from JLE  looked at the old Indesit which came with the house 3 years ago. Audible tutting noises….

JLE: its not disconnected. We can’t do anything until its disconnected. I’ll go away and come back in 10 minutes, that should give you time to disconnect it

wendy: Oh, I thought you guys would do that as part of the removal and deliver

JLE: Oh no, that’s a whole different service, that’s installation, we haven’t been instructed to install your machine, you’ll have to do that

wendy: ashame, if the sales-process had offered me disconnection and installation I would probably have bought it

I pull the washing machine out from under the kitchen counter, turn the valves on the hot and cold water supplied to the off position, disconnect the supplies, remove the water-outlet pipe and unplug the machine from the power source. Easy. Didn’t need to pay someone to do that, I’m glad John Lewis’s didn’t sell me that service.

JLE: remember to remove the transport bars before you use it.  If you don’t remove the bars it will break the machine

wendy: transport bars? what are they, where are they? are there any instructions?

JLE: just read the manual miss, its all in the manual, do what it says in the manual

After loading the Indesit onto their trolley, both removal men washed thier hands it my fabulous butler sink. The transport bars hold the drum in place while the machine is being moved. The instructions were clear and easy to follow, within 5 minutes my Miele was connected to power, water supply, water removal pipe and ready to go.  Awesome.

The handbook had lots of user instructions

Did I read them? Did I?

Not yet

buying manufacturers ethos
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graceful failure

Monday, January 24th, 2011 | tags: , ,  |

hand washThe washing machine finally gave up the ghost, died

It was a graceful departure, no explosions or fires, no flood, it didn’t take-out any other appliances on its way down, no uncertainty about the end

I was able to work out how to remove the half washed laundry and finish the job by hand. Hand washing and rediscovering the world of the laundrette until I can arrange a replacement

(warning: gratuitous gushing)

Isn’t the internet fabulous? Within 4 hours of the washing machine biting the dust I had read multiple product reviews and store-supply and support reviews, selected a new washing machine, measured-up the space to check it fitted, purchased and booked delivery of the new machine and removal of the old machine. Before the internet this activity would have taken days, carefully fitted in around work and ivolved trips to multiple stores. How easy it is to do the research and find the right solution from the comfort of your connected home – NOW. I love how the internet has changed my life

(gratuitous gushing over)

graceful failure
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hold on…

Tuesday, November 11th, 2008 | tags: , , , ,  |

I had the pleasure of paying BT to listen to the Indesit  messages below  for  a full 20 minutes before dropping the receiver with a thunk that ended the call.   A thunk not dissimilar to that made by my washing machine before  it too resorted to silence….

…We are encountering an unusually high level of calls to our company, but are working to connect you shortly…

…thankyou for calling,   you call has been placed on hold and you will be attended to as soon as an operator becomes free…

…your call is important to us and we are attempting to connect you to the person or department you require…

…thankyou for your patience, we will connect you shortly…

…Our operators are aware that you are holding and wiull connect you as soon as possible…

…we apologise for the delay…

An email to Indesit support describing my problem resulted in them giving me this link to a list of their error codes.   Hmmmm….

For the luxury of John Lewis’s service I’m tempted to buy a new machine…

hold on…
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lights out

Tuesday, September 16th, 2008 | tags: , ,  |

Wendy:   Can I have my washing machine damaged phone replaced please?

insurance agent (IA): what time did this happen?

Wendy: about 7.30pm

IA: how was it put into the machine?

Wendy:   it was in the breast pocket of a fleece jacket,   I had checked the side pockets and forgotten to check the breast pocket

IA: was it in a large load or just a single item being washed?

Wendy: scooped up in a large load just after I came home from work,   I took it off and put it in with the load

IA:   When did you notice?

Wendy:   I heard a strange clunking coming from my washing machine immediately and thought,   oh dear,   sounds like I need to get my washing machine looked at.   About an hour later I needed to make a phone call and realised what had happened.   After and hour in the washing machine I decided to wait for the cycle to finish.   Then got the phone out,   took the back off and dried it with a hair-dryer then plugged it into the power supply.   Nothing,   no lights on the phone,   nothing.

IA:   did you try later?

Wendy: yes,   about 2 days later I plugged it in again,   no lights.

lights out
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death by hot wet cycle

Thursday, September 11th, 2008 | tags: , , ,  |

washing machinePhone.

bouncy hot whites cycle.

It was bound to happen one day.

sign me up for the water-proof, slimline, aesthetically pleasing cellphone.

death by hot wet cycle
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Automatic Washing Machine Spin Cycle attack

Saturday, October 22nd, 2005 | tags: ,  |

Evidently,   that’s what some boys kiss like.

Wendy cautiously-doing-her-laundry

Automatic Washing Machine Spin Cycle attack
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