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behind the imitation window

Thursday, November 13th, 2008 | tags: , , , ,  |

fake windows in courtyardIn a small Siena courtyard the walls mimic windows,

forgetting to mimic shutters or reflections.

Silence and darkness within the windowless rooms.

Protecting the people within from too much colour,   too much light,   noises from neighbours and the street,   from the prying eyes of passersby.

In the silent darkness occupants can float on siestas unseen, unknown.

Freedom to dream of the luxuries of everything  and nothing

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I want Vista

Tuesday, August 12th, 2008 | tags: , , , , , ,  |

Reasons to retire Darling,   part 4

1. Increasing requirements to contact computer support services

2. I am developing  obstreperous-w intolerance.

3. 8loody hail, breeding task manager

4. I WANT Vista

I’ve used a Vista machine and I love all the search-stuff (start menu, control-panel),     I no longer have to remember where I put things.

Its got a thing called ‘snippit’ which takes pictures of what’s on your screen in a much easier way that control-print-screen,   open-paint,   then paste.  

It’s pretty! The computer I used running Vista is a rather ugly thing,   unlike Darling.   I want to marry the two,   prettiness of Darlings body-work  with  the  human-memory-complimenting  functionality of Vista.

I want Vista
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8loody hail, breeding task manager

Sunday, August 3rd, 2008 | tags: , , ,  |

Reasons to retire Darling,   part 3

1. Increasing requirements to contact computer support services

2. I am developing  obstreperous-w intolerance.

3. Generally increasing bizarre behaviours that do not actually require support calls because they are solved by reboots.  

In this example we see the results of my having hit control-alt-delete (CAD)  in an attempt to get the task-manager so that I can Zap the program that for some reason is now using all my processing power….   nothing happened… then…     …I didn’t press CAD that many times,   its been breeding…

8loody hail, breeding task manager


8loody hail, breeding task manager
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windows support commuties are quite good

Saturday, July 12th, 2008 | tags: , , , ,  |

windows support answer to my query

No curmudgeonist moments for me today.

In less than a 24hr turnaround I got a response that was concise and useful.   I also tried to report my ‘bug’ to Google,   I couldn’t find a way to report it,   I used their ‘questions’ section and,   to my knowledge, no-one replied.  

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can I have small bag of subtlety please?

Saturday, June 14th, 2008 | tags: , , , ,  |

I’m sorry sir,  

we have just run out of subtlety,  

will a double dose of concise frankness do?

It’s 70% off.

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scent of autumn

Sunday, September 23rd, 2007 | tags: , ,  |

Scent of autumn arrived this week.   Rolling in through a bedroom window on fine  morning mist to greet my emerging consciousness with cool fingers.   Welcome.

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making clean blue clumps

Friday, May 18th, 2007 | tags: ,  |

On a Friday night in Spring  every warm blooded girl’s thoughts turn to disk defragmentation and clean-up.   Well,   not really.

While snooping around in Darlings  programs I found some accessories that include tools. Curiosity tempted me to click on Defragment.    It  makes a multi-coloured barcode get less red and more clumpy-blue.     Hoorah for blue.      Since it’s Spring disc clean-up seemed like the kind of thing a responsible human being should be doing.   I did it!    See how much spring  fun I’ve been having:

I wonder if Darling will be a bit perkier now she’s been cleaned up and defragmented,   or more prone to some promiscuous P2P?  

making clean blue clumps
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Monday, September 18th, 2006 | tags: , ,  |

should cc be replaced by copy in e-mail writing, compose,  templates?

When you write an e-mail there’s normally an address entry box below the one marked to this box is consistently labelled cc in every software that I checked:

  • Gmail
  • MSN Hotmail
  • Windows Livemail Beta
  • Outlook 2003
  • Outlook Express on XP

The  consistency supports people’s ability to move between different e-mail softwares.   It doesn’t support virgin e-mailers that have never seen or heard of cc.    Everyone will be a virgin e-mailer, at least once 😉

Cc is shorthand for Carbon Copy.   Do you remember carbon copies?   Do the children you know have an idea what a carbon copy is,  or was?   Imagine you are a child,   learning to use e-mail.   Look at a new open e-mail can you easily guess what cc means?   Can you guess why you might want to use cc,   when is it appropriate to use cc rather than the to address entry line?   Imagine that you have to describe what cc means for an e-mail?   How would you do that?   I  suspect software producers  didn’t label it copy becasue copy has two more letters than cc and that takes up valuable screen real-estate.

I remember carbon copies,   in the US, the check (cheque) books still use carbon copies! Carbon dating,  rather than Carbon copying,   is probably more familiar to today’s youngsters.   Personal opinon,   no research involved.

Then there is bcc.   Bcc, Blind Carbon Copy introduces a whole new can of worms for both virgin and experienced emailers that I will temporarily turn a blind eye to, for brevity’s sake.

beyond a criticism of the use of cc within email software  my point is:

Software that  uses the shorthand acronym (or small picture; icon)  for a current technology (i.e. carbon) may enhance understanding of its meaning for the people familiar with that current technology but can have a long term adverse  impact on subsequent generations’ ability to learn what the label means and how to use it effectively.

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backup and recovery

Sunday, July 23rd, 2006 | tags: , , ,  |

When? After

  1. any insensitivity crime.
  2. sending an email  containing a  rude word (examples:  Toilet,   Communion) to a large distribution list.
  3. rear-ending the car in front (I haven’t done this… yet)
  4. purchasing a new Sony Vaio laptop called Darling.

We’re going to focus on #4.   Darling didn’t come with any CD’s,   no recovery CD’s,   no copy of Windows XP CD.   Darling travelled light.   This lack of CD’s was a little distrubing at first,   then,   in all the excitement of a new pink laptop I soon forgot the lack of recovery CDs….      

can you guess what’s coming?

Tonight I made a back-up DVD using the Vaio software.   All should be well in the Wendy House when Darling decides she isn’t playing ball.   Do I know what I’ve backed up?   Um,   ‘the system’ of course!   What’s the system?   I haven’t a clue.   Will recovery give me all my programs,   anti-spyware and antivirus subscriptions,   favourite lists,    digital photographs,  and email?   Darned if I know.   Why don’t these programs tell me.   All it said was “recommended“,   not what that back-up covers.   System????   How VAGUE is that!  

Obviously,   I’ll find out what ‘system’ is  when I have to ‘recover’ it.

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device drivers to distraction

Monday, July 3rd, 2006 | tags: , , ,  |

(extremely boring entry warning)

today I had to scan a copy of my new passport information for the US  immigration people.   I haven’t used my scanner since Tinkerbell bit the dust.   Somewhere in the universe there is a CD that I should use to make my Canon scanner work with Darling.   Do I know where it is?   Um,   no,   Do I want to rummage through piles of user manuals and CD’s in some dark disorganised cupboard, err, no thanks.   I probably threw the CD away when recycling the original packaging,   I like to live ‘light’.   Below is a description of my punishment for trying to live light……  

  1. plug scanner into one of Darling‘s ample USB ports.   Little balloony-thing says new device detected and pops a wizardy thing asking me to either  
    • insert my CD  
    • search for the drivers on the internet  
    • browse  to a folder that contains the drivers.  
  2. Search the internet.   Drivers not found.   Bollocks.
  3. Try a different USB port.   Drivers not found.   Bollocks.
  4. Find driver downloads on Cannon’s web page,   find the name of my scanner (on the scanner) and download the driver.   Didn’t read the instructions.  Just clicked ‘download’ and ‘run’.   That should work.
  5. Unplug and replug the scanner.   Select manually point to a folder that contains the driver.   Darn,   I didn’t check where the download put it.   I’ll point to the windows folder,   its probably put there and its the default place being pointed to by the search anyway. Drivers not found.   Bollocks.
  6. Try a different USB port.   Drivers not found.   Bollocks.
  7. Go back to the Cannon download site and read the instructions.   I should have clicked on some “set-up.exe” once I’d done the download.   Bollocks.   Since I have no idea where the download went,   I download the drivers again and save them to my network drive with a sensible name rather than meaningless name  that Canon has used.   Aha,   progress!   I run the set-up.exe.  
  8. Unplug and replug the scanner.   Select manually point to a folder that contains the driver.   Try to select the folder on my network drive.   But,   when I point at this folder the dialog wont let me select ‘OK’,   it only lets me point to the Windows folder.   Bollocks.
  9. Copy the downloaded folder into the windows folder,   run the set-up.exe again (just incase). Unplug and replug the scanner point to the folder containing the drivers.   Drivers not found Bollocksy-Bollocks.
  10. Make cup of tea.   Breath slowly and deeply.
  11. Open the device manager.   It shows my Scanner with a yellow exclamation mark over it – no drivers.   Right-click on this and select ‘update drivers’ get the same wizardy thing I’ve already tried 700x.   Point to the folder where I’ve downloaded the files.   Drivers not found Bollocksy-Bollocks  with brass-knobs on.  
  12. Start pulling at my hair and take the swearing up a notch to ‘unpublishable’.
  13. Open the folder that I downloaded from Cannon,   notice there’s a second .exe in there that I haven’t yet clicked on.   Click on it.
  14. Unplug and replug the scanner.   The yellow balloony-thing  this time includes the name of the scanner.   Hooray.    A dialogue pop’s up asking me what I want windows to do everytime I plug in this device,   it includes an option for running the ‘scanner wizard’,   thankyou,   I’ll take that please.   Then I successfully scan my passport for the US immigration people.   Phew.

Rumour has it that Windows Vista will be hot on ‘plug and play’.   No more keeping old CD’s from device manufacturers with the device,   no more searching for and installing (or failing to) drivers from the device manufacturers website.   I hope.   Vista might just let me plug in my scanner and scan.   In the future normal people might not have to know about drivers to use their computers.

How sexy is that?     ooooooOOOOOoooo     🙂

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Friday, March 31st, 2006 | tags: , , ,  |

60  mins:   drive to and from Fed-Ex.   Read Sony’s reassuring ‘we’ll help you when its bad‘ message on the box.   I hope its not a confidence vote in their equipment…

Returns and support information on Darlings box

5  mins:   to unpack the little beauty christened ‘Darling’  from her box of big open spaces.   Easy access packing,   nice work Sony!  

Darling in her box

0 mins:   Read the instructions,  warranties, etc.   I don’t think so! I’ll leave that to Matrix (fluffball).   No 6-pack of CD’s? Tinkerbell came with CD’s for  Windows, AOL, System Recovery, Antivirus and  5 times the wieght in documentation!

All the documentation that ccame with Darling - actually not that much!

5 mins:   plug everything in,   press the power button and wait to be asked all those IMPORTANT questions.   Wow,   so easy!

10 mins:   Say ‘Yes’ to  WAY  TOO MANY  questions that are important to someone.   Not me.   It’s torture I tell you!    How can anyone seriously expect me to read this stuff?  I am much too excited….     Stop asking me questions and show me the goodies!

700000 mins:   BOOO!     Re-Start!  mania.    EVERYTHING and their  cousins twice-removed  got  ‘out of date’ while Darling waited for me in the Sony storehouse.   You know  dates can be troublesome.    Then there’s my distaste for  that sticky AOL thang.   It’s worth  avoiding sticky-clinginess.  These all told me to restart:  

  1. Windows Update  
  2. Office Update
  3. Norton Antivirus Live Update  
  4. AOL uninstall

Then you have to  smile at the antispyware program that proudly announces it doesn’t require a reboot to get updated.   Well done antispyware program 🙂

After much booting and geeking around Darling made the pinkier first step into the land of creative accessorizing, oh YES….

Darling and her travel case  

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Blue screen of Tinkerbell

Monday, March 6th, 2006 | tags: , , , , ,  |

I suspect Tinkerbell knows I’m planning to dump her in favour of a newer, pinker, thinner, faster companion.   She revolted and showed me her version of a BSoD. Appparantly the infamous ‘blue screen of death’ (BSoD) has several different forms.    This might be from the Hardware manufacturer,  not a real Microsoft OS blue screen.

Whatever,   its blue,  Tinkerbell died.

Hardware Malfunction - call your manufacturer

A ‘reboot‘ put  Tinkerbell in a temporarilly compliant mood.   I don’t trust her anymore.   She’s been playing up  since the shutdown  power cable meltdown incident.    A pretty Sony Viao is looking more like a good investment with every day that passes.   I want Windows Vista ‘ultimate’.    If I buy a pretty pink laptop thang before Vista is on sale I’ll have to work-out how to  ‘upgrade’ and maybe find out what a ’64 bit processor’ would give me.

More technical stuff.   YUCK!

Blue screen of Tinkerbell
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Linux or Windows server?

Monday, February 6th, 2006 | tags: , , ,  |

The guy from GoDaddy support was AMAZING.

Mr. Amazing…

  • giggled, knew what I wanted before I did. I do so lurve good anticiiiiiiiipaaaaaaatiooooooon
  • complimented me on the 2 web pages I’d published yesterday* and asked what software I’d used to make them (Microsoft Publisher).
  • Made purring sounds of approval
  • explained why I needed a SQL Server then confirmed that I’d successfully set one up. Explained why I might need more than one using a softly pleasing tone of voice.
  • chuckled
  • told me how to set-up ‘WordPress 2’
  • chuckled a bit more
  • Mentioned he has half a dozen “MoveableType” sites, has learned to prefer ‘WordPress 2’ when given the choice.

politely REFUSED to marry me!

A girl’s gotta try, good technical support people are a RARE find and worth their weight in gold

Evidently all my problems stemmed from having purchased a Windows web server rather than a Linux web server. Hows a girl supposed to know that? It seemed like a good guess that Windows is what I wanted, after-all, everything else I have runs on windows….and most my decisions are actually guesses. Mr. Amazing is now transferring everything on my account to Linux for me*. Sigh. do you think he’s a player?


*moving my web server account from Windows to Linux servers will take acouple of days, web pages wont be available during this time.

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Windows (Peter Greenaway)

Tuesday, April 26th, 2005 | tags: , ,  |

Geek warning    I get over-excited about most of Peter Greenaway’s work.    You can watch a striking 4 minute piece called “Windows” online  from his website:


“I had been appalled and fascinated by the statistics coming out of South Africa – political prisoners pushed out of windows, with fatuous excuses like they slipped on a bar of soap, they thought it was the door, etc. I built that into a fiction, trying to find all the possible reasons why anybody might fall out of a window, and compressed it into 3 1/2 minutes and set these appalling facts up against a very idyllic landscape in order to create irony and paradox. I think it sums up everything I’ve done afterwards: it’s about statistics, it’s very eclectic, it has a very lyrical use of landscape, it’s about death – four characteristics that have stayed with me ever since.”

The post-modern experience of watching it on “Windows” Media Player was not lost on me.   Peter’s skill is impressive  – in making his audience (me) laugh despite trying very hard to take the morbid statistics respectfully.  

I guess Microsoft wont be using this as a promotional back-drop for their main product  


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