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Wendy at 49yrsThis blog is a creative fiction scribbled by me:

Sister, aunt, scatterbrain, professional, adult, child, soppy, optimist, observer, listener, unfeminizedEnglish, half Finn, ex-Seattle-ite, eccentric, pedestrian, creative punctuator, typographical radical, apprentice poetfall-over artist, large-nosed, hugger, bouncy, lucid dreamer, list enthusiast, tea addict, curry fanatic, beer drinker, cheese devotee, bus ridermad hatter, kitty caretaker, 5″5¾’, 135lbs, 49yrs, proud wrinkly currently living in Reading town


  • an obscenely large collection of photographs posted on flickr
  • a few flippant comments on twitter @wendyhouse
  • A Yelp account where I spend even more time saying what I think!

The views expressed on this blog are silly, miss spelt, and do not represent an objective reality.

SILLY Do not take them seriously it could adversely impact your health.

Why do I scribble?

  1. craziness-reduction: less talking to myself ; to be more focussed in synthesizing the stuff I’ve researched out of pure cat killing curiosity.
  2. learning and practice of Website maintenance and development.  I might do something professional one day…
  3. keeping me from torturing the fluff balls while my next pot of tea is brewing.
  4. providing friends and family in distant time-zones with a way to feel close by snooping while I’m snoozing.
  5. meeting strange new people who come out of the snoopynet.
  6. knowing myself through reflective practice,  I use mirrors too… …sometimes…

There are probably even more esoteric reasons after these…

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